Upcoming tenacity Dinners

Still haven’t made it to one of the tenacity dinners yet?  Then here are two good excuses for you to RSVP and get your avant-garde food swerve on: July 26th and July 31st.

Randy Rucker has created a page devoted to posting only the dates, times and menus of each upcoming tenacity dinner.  You can check it out here: tenacity.  The next date is this coming Saturday evening, a rare weekend treat, while the July 31st dinner falls on the now-traditional Thursday evening.

This Saturday’s menu features:

  • Chilled soup and salad of summer squash
  • Glazed snails, bread & butter pudding and preserved garlic scapes
  • Cornbread gnocchi, baby onions and espresso
  • Long Island Duck, spaghetti squash and ancho chili

…among other things.

Sadly, I had to miss the last dinner due to a last-minute scheduling conflict (I hate you, day job), which means that I missed hanging out with the Cordua brothers (of Americas, Churrascos and Amazon Grille), Avi Katz of Katz Coffee and Chef Bryan Caswell of REEF and enjoying Randy’s and Plinio’s creations.  Damn, damn, damn.

If any of my previous posts on tenacity have piqued your curiosity, I encourage you to indulge in one of the upcoming dinners.  It’s an experience you won’t soon forget.

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