If you’re practicing a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, why the hell would you go eat at a KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) and then expect them to have vegan-friendly items on their menu?

KFC’s Vegetarian Sandwich Isn’t

Yeah, no kidding.  Imagine that.

Hell, I’m an omnivore and even I don’t eat at KFC.  That place is nasty, y’all, fo realz.  Feel free to dispute me in the comments section, but ain’t nuthin gonna change my mind.

Tuesday Trivia

Last week’s trivia session was too much fun.  Y’all had some wonderful answers, and I was psyched to hear from some of the lurkers.  Welcome, lurkers!!!

Some of my favorite responses from last Tuesday included:

  • uni. while at rickshaw i tried it for the first time. its texture was like butter, but tasted like ear wax. never wanted to try it again! a month ago or so i was out with jj. tried it and i loved it!” — Plinio, in response to “Has there ever been a food of which you were initially suspicious, but then surprised to find that you enjoy?”  Yeesh.  I’m surprised he went back for more after that.
  • Ice cream, dipped in Belgian chocolate, rolled in toasted oats, dipped in more chocolate, rolled in grated sponge cake and finally deep-fried!” — The Grumpy Chef, in response to “If you were in charge of carny food at the circus, which food item would you put onto a stick?”  Sounds like HEAVEN.  Also: “3 or 4 beef testicles ( I would call it “stick of meat balls)” — anonymous eater.
  • “Overrated? See Tilman Ferttita. Underrated? Kasra, Tio Pepe, Pico’s.” — Amazon101, in response to “What do you think is the most overrated and/or underrated restaurant in Houston?”  Amen.
  • Red Velvet Cake because my mother made this for me every birthday and Liver and Onions….my Mom made the BEST!” — Jo, in response to “What food reminds you most strongly of your childhood and why?”  Red velvet cake is also a childhood favorite of mine; MY mom made the best.  😉
  • “Definitely brussel sprouts. Love them today, but in 1974, I believe there was no word for ‘sauteed in olive oil with pepper’…” — Sid, in response to “What food(s) did you hate as a child but have come to appreciate or even love as an adult?”

What did you guys think?  Should we have another round?  I think we should.  🙂

Today’s Questions:

  1. To impress a date, what would you cook and serve?  Alternately, what have you cooked and served that impressed a date/your significant other/some foodie floozy?
  2. Assuming that your intake of any missing nutrients would be compensated for, which would you choose to part with for the rest of your life if someone told you that you could no longer have EITHER fruits OR vegetables?
  3. What food(s) have you erroneously assumed would be delicious, only to be massively disappointed?
  4. With what condiments do you dress up your hot dogs?  Are there any condiments that send you into an irrational, blinding rage if they touch your beloved frankfurter?
  5. If you could choose one unhealthy food to magically (or scientifically, if that’s your bag) transform into a health food, thereby enabling you to eat it every day with no ill effects, which would you choose?

Can’t wait for your answers, readers!  😀

Flavor Tripping

It’s finally here, folks!  Houston’s first ever Flavor Tripping party, organized by none other than the amazing Jenny, of I’m Never Full (and head hound of the Houston Chowhounds chapter).

Jenny has ordered a batch of those miraculous miracle berries and reserved the upstairs dining room at La Strada for this rare event and it’s not too late for you to come and join us as we trip the light fantastic, foodie-style.  We’ll be there this Friday evening (July 25th), starting at 5:30pm with the actual tasting beginning at 6:00pm.  Here’s what’s in store for the party:

  • A stock of miracle berries, one per person, which will chemically alter your taste buds for at least one hour and change the way that all foods and beverages taste.
  • Our own bartender with cash bar and happy hour prices, including a special $5 cocktail created specifically by La Strada for the event.
  • The entire second floor of the restaurant all to ourselves.
  • And a huge spread of food including fresh citrus, other fruits, veggies, various stinky cheeses, salt & vinegar potato chips, pickles and bologna sandwiches — all of which have been chosen specifically for their strange interactions with the miracle berries.

All of this, including the food, is only $15!

To reserve your spot (or for more information about the Flavor Tripping party), be sure to visit Jenny’s website and RSVP today.  You can also email her for more information: berryfairyhouston (at) gmail (dot) com.

I hope to see some of your bright, shiny faces there!  And if you can’t make it, don’t despair; I’ll be back with a detailed report and pictures (of course!) next week.