Keep Me Clean

It’s about that time of the month again.  No, not THAT time of the month.  The other, more enjoyable time: the routine assessment of Google search terms!

This time, I want you guys to tell me what in the Sam Hill these people were doing when they Googled the following search terms.  Keep it funny.

signs of keep me clean in the kitchen

spicy lamb curry gets heart’s pounding

what does vivanno mean in slang italian

guinea pig not just for breakfast

homo milk

obama i am feeling lucky

trivia of holandaise

nobody likes me everybody hates onions

And a special bonus this time around!  See if you can guess which of these three highly-disturbing search terms was the most popular term of the month (all three were searched well over 100 times):

cat cora fhm

rachael ray maxim

rachael ray naked


5 thoughts on “Keep Me Clean”

  1. I’d like to make it my personal mission to use every one of those search terms as a headline in the near future. They’re too good to pass up.

    I also have to second the vote on “Rachael Ray naked.” And also the “blech” sentiment. And add another “blech” just for good measure.

  2. What did the poor curry do to incur the heart’s wrath?

    Someone searching for a milk shop in Montrose?

    I’m also going to go out on a limb and guess that the people searching for “rachael ray naked” are the same folks who want to know if that’s your mouth in the picture.

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