From Found in Mom’s Basement:


Aside from the general absurdity of the ad, check out where the “Rice Council of America” is located!  For those of you not interested in peering at the fine print, it’s Box 22802, Houston, Texas 77027.  Sweet.

Houston: Crazy Rice Pioneers of the 1960s.

…I wonder if they still distribute that intriguing-sounding “Rice Ideas Men Like” pamphlet…

7 thoughts on “Va-Rice-Ity”

  1. Mmmmm rice (says the great-grand-daughter of one of Katy’s first rice farmers). Katy has a Rice Harvest Festival, too.

  2. Just guessing, but I’d say the “something unexpected” that men like “now and then” ain’t rice.

    Bacon-wrapped scallops, maybe.

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