Waxed Brie

This thread in the Houston Craigslist Food Forum nearly made me wet myself today:

Baked Brie

Do you peel/carve the wax off of the brie before baking? I’ve looked at several recipes and there is no mention of removing the wax. I know the wax is edible but I am making this for a party of 60 and don’t want the wax noticeable.

Before when we’ve made Phyllo Wrapped Brie with Caramelized Onions, Apricot Jam, and Candied Walnuts we removed the wax because of the “ick factor” associated with leaving it on but the wrappped brie tended to flatten out like a pancake when baking instead of keeping it’s perky round shape. This could be fault of the recipe or maybe the wax holds its shape?

there is no wax on brie

The rind is made up of cheese and is perfectly edible and considered by the French an integral part of eating a triple cream cheese such as Camembert or Brie. If you cut the rind out, you’ll end up with a pool of salty fat.

Don’t remove the rind. Wrap in puff pastry.

Google “brie en croute” recipes.

you know what I also like to do?

I like to leave champagne open out in the sun so those pesky bubbles go away and I like to run my caviar through a strainer so I don’t have to eat the weird skin and I can just catch the juices. I really especially hate the crust on baguette bread so I dig out the white fluffly stuff using a backscratcher.

Hello? 1983 called, they want their recipe back


Who knew Craigslisters were such foodies?

4 thoughts on “Waxed Brie”

  1. Hey champagne person, you don’t have to be such an asshole about it, she was just asking a question. Brie is not a common food in the U.S. moron.

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