The Bennigan’s of the End

In case you hadn’t heard, every single Bennigan’s across the nation shut down overnight.  With no warning.  Especially no warning for their poor staffers who showed up to work today only to be met by shuttered doors and managers turning them away.

Of course, neither Bennigan’s nor their parent company, Metromedia Restaurant Group, has issued a single statement as to why they hastily and shadily closed down all 800 restaurants overnight.  And they aren’t talking to reporters.  My own calls to Bennigan’s restaurants across the city led only to unanswered lines and no answering machines.

Only one Bennigan’s in the city actually answered the phone.  You can read about the short conversation — and more on the story — at Houstonist this morning, if you’re so inclined.

Bennigan’s: Erin Go Broke

I’m not a fan of Bennigan’s.  Never have been.  But to operate like this and treat their employees in such a callous manner is unconscionable.  I can’t WAIT to hear what they have to say about this.

3 thoughts on “The Bennigan’s of the End”

  1. okay, I commented to you via e-mail…but, I love the headline! I cannot believe that anyone would treat employees in such a manner, it’s horrid, but, that’s “big chain” I guess. Unconscionable is correct!!!!!

  2. The WSJ reports that Bennigan’s and Steak and Ale have closed their doors and filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. This means the chains will probably liquidate and not reopen.

    Just last week I was trying to convince my wife to go to Steak and Ale. I had never been. I said, “I like steak.” “I love ale.” “Shouldn’t I like it?” She wasn’t persuaded. Now I will never have the chance to go.

    I have been to Bennigan’s a few times, and there is not one thing I will miss about it. Good bye and good riddance Bennigan’s.

  3. The Metromedia Restaurant Group is an odd operation. They also owned Metromedia Network Services, which owned a bunch of fiber and data centers at one point in time.

    … and I have heard a rumor it’s a money laundering operation for the mob (which I am sure is complete nonsense).

    Steak and Ale is pretty gross.

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