See what I did up there?  That’s because we live in A-MURR-CA, not England.  It’s spelled “center.”


Been wondering about the new restaurants and watering holes going into the new CityCentre mixed-use development on the site of the old Town & Country Mall?  Well, wonder no more.  I’ve got yer lists right here, baby.

  • Ra Sushi
  • Brio Tuscan Grille
  • Como Se Dice (“modern Mexican”)
  • Eddie V’s
  • Sur La Table (which isn’t a restaurant, so I don’t know why it’s listed)
  • The Wine Loft
  • Potbelly Sandwich Works
  • Chipotle
  • Jamba Juice
  • The Yard House (yippee!!!)

There will be more added to that list as leases are signed, buildings are finished, etc.  And, of course, there’s going to be a Studio Movie Grill, which will — frankly — be bad ass.  I’m most excited about The Wine Loft and The Yard House (big surprise to you all, I’m sure), but the entire thing looks like it will bring a certain ITL ambience to our little slice of Memorial, which ain’t all bad.  I don’t want people out here getting big ITL heads, mind you, but it would be awfully nice not to have to hop on the Katy Freeway anymore to get decent sushi, sample some microbrews or catch an arthouse flick.

Suck on that, Inner Loopers!  😉

11 thoughts on “CityCentrestaurants”

  1. I’ve never heard anything good about the sushi at Ra. OTOH, the people watching is supposed to be excellent.

    However, this ITL’er has been known to drive to Dairy Ashford and Memorial for the occasional Sushi Jin fix. You should check it out.

  2. K, a commenter on my blog just told me to go to sushi jin for my ramen quest. the sushi is no doubt excellent b/c sage 400 gets their sushi from the same place. wanna go with?

  3. RA really is just for people watching (and really, really mediocre sushi). Oh, and a dangerous concoction known as “The Fish Bowl”.

    I love the Yard House!

  4. What’s good at the Yard House? We are area residents and looking forward to the plethora of new, close entertainment options.

  5. @ All: I know RA sucks. It’s more about the idea of having a “high-end” sushi place, if you will — the principle of the thing. I may not like it, but others will inevitably not care about the quality of their food and will instead see it as a “destination,” which is — I guess — what CityCentre is ultimately about. I’m just excited about bringing more people to this area of town, even if it’s for substandard sushi. Does that make sense? 🙂 Probably not… 🙂

    @ Eric: Been to Sushi Jin a few times, definitely need to go back. But in the meantime, I also want to try that new sushi place that opened up on Kimberley, across the street from the B&N. Anyone been there yet?

    @ Jenny: Count me in. 😀

    @ Food Princess: Thanks! We’re easily amused/pleased, as you can see. 😉

    @ Cory: I know, I know… Yay for Yard House!

    @ Kristin: I thought so, too, but it seemed to disappear from the restaurant list. I’ll have to investigate…

    @ Mary: Biggest. Draft. Beer. Selection. IN THE WORLD. 😀

    They’re based in California, so — based on previous empirical evidence — I should hate them. But I can’t bring myself to hate any place that offers so many microbrews in one spot. I’m holding out a LOT of hope that they’ll have some real cask ales from time to time, too. 🙂

  6. “@ Cory: I know, I know… Yay for Yard House!”


    I’m with you however, I agree that what they did with the name, Europeanizing it and all is very clever.

    I can tell right now its going to lend that place a “just like a Tillman Fertita development but without the amusement park ride” type of feel.

    You know, classy all the way.

  7. I am in TOTAL agreement all round!
    Ra Sucks…but good for OTL/Memorial crowd.

    And I can remember when T&C was a sucky little mall…

    Now all we need is a PINKBERRY

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