A Question…

…for you.

Should we continue with our new Tuesday tradition of open-ended trivia questions where we all hold hands and share stories and sing Kumbayah?  Or should we go back to original-recipe Tuesday Trivia where I ask you ridiculous trivia questions that are Google-resistant and then post the answers on Thursdays?

Decisions, decisions…


6 responses to “A Question…

  1. Why not a mix of the two? We all need to sing Kumbaya every once in a while! Surprise us!

  2. I agree, both ways is good. Although I’m a little rusty on the dirty limerick answers so I’ll have to get back on form….fast.

  3. I like the open-ended trivia questions. I suck at the food trivia ones.

  4. either for me…will try to be better at answering!!!

  5. I like both too. I don’t want homework every week (sooooo lazy).

  6. Yet another vote for both here. 🙂

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