Houston Restaurant Week: The RSVPs

Seven nights, a limited budget and 52 restaurants: I really had to pick my battles.

And here’s what I ended up with:

I’m pretty happy with these three choices.  They’re spread evenly throughout the week so I can go hustle up an extra $35 if need be on Tuesday night or something, I’ve got an old favorite (Le Mistral) mixed in with two new restaurants that I’ve been dying to try but could never afford to in the real, non-$35-menu world.

You’ll note that the Le Mistral dinner has been moved from Tuesday to Sunday, to accomodate more peoples’ schedules.  If you’re still interested in going but aren’t signed up for Chowhounds, let me know.  Otherwise, just go put your pretty little name in the hat here:


You can also RSVP for the other restaurants that the Chowhounds are hitting up: *17, VOICE, Arcodoro, Americas (The Woodlands), Gravitas and Perry’s Steakhouse.  Or you can just go make some reservations of your own!  Do it!  You know you want to

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