Any Way You Want It

…that’s the way you should cook it.

The 2nd Annual No Holds Barred Chili Cook-Off is coming!  The deadline to enter your team in the competition is October 1st, and the actual cook-off will take place on October 11th.  The winning team will win not only the respect and awe of a crowd of chili-hounds, but also a pretty good amount of cold, hard cash.

To find out more about the competition, check out their website at or today’s write-up in Houstonist.  No Holds Barred is a very different kind of chili cook-off, and one that you shouldn’t miss!

In the interest of full disclosure, it should be said that yours truly is VERY excited to be one of the judges this year.  I can’t wait — seriously, I’m counting the days — to taste all the different, random, inventive, bizarre chilis that I hope await us in October.  Hopefully some of you fine readers will enter your very own chili in the contest!

3 thoughts on “Any Way You Want It”

  1. It wouldn’t be very fair of me to say what I do or don’t prefer in my chili, now would it?

    But I actually don’t have to worry about preserving the interests of fairness with my answer. The truth is that I don’t have a beans preference either way. It can be argued that “true Texas chili” does NOT have beans. But that certainly doesn’t mean that chili WITH beans isn’t good, too. 🙂

  2. “Do you like beans in your chili?”

    What is this Cincinatti?

    Chili is meat, beer, broth and seasoning.

    That. is. all.

    (Just don’t tell my wife I said that.) 😀

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