The Weekend in Food


6:00pm:  Richard having after-work drinks with coworkers.  Curl up on couch with ice-cold can of Tecate and freshly-picked Mexican limes from lime tree in backyard.  Watch reruns of “Clean House” with Niecy Nash and bask in her ferociousness, while also feeling much better about the state of my own closet.

8:30pm:  Richard comes home hungry.  Peel self off couch to make him a sandwich, then quickly go back to K-shaped indentation and finish watching old episode of “Shameless.”  Show became infinitely more interesting after we actually passed through Wythenshawe in February and I could see, firsthand, how horridly realistic the show is.


8:00am:  Leaving house to pick up mother for morning of shopping.  Need coffee.  And a bagel.

8:30am:  Cup of coffee in hand, at mother’s house, ready to head out to Canino’s on Airline.

9:00am:  Taking detour to “Asian market” somewhere “on Main,” according to mother.

9:30am:  Have taken Main all the way from 610, past I-10, through downtown and are now sitting next to the old Sears.  Elusive “Asian market” no longer holding our interest.  Adkins Antiques is, however.

9:40am:  Adkins not yet open.  Breakfast tacos sound good!

10:00am:  At Guadalajara Bakery for breakfast tacos.  Line is almost out the door.

10:30am:  Finally have chicharrones and pastor tacos.  And a can of coke.  And some empanadas.  This, coupled with the bagel, is quickly turning into a competitive eating type of day.

10:45am:  Driving over to The Guild Shop while trying to eat chicharrones tacos.  We have completely given up on Canino’s at this point.

10:50am:  Inevitably, spill bright orange chicharrones down the front of white shirt.

11:00am:  Change into mother’s extra shirt (she dresses in layers, like we’re going on a hike or something).  Despite her claims to the contrary, it is not a flattering look for me and does not match my shoes or purse or jeans or general age.  But it’s also not stained with pork skin juice, so it’s got that going for it.

11:30am:  Leave The Guild Shop emptyhanded, to the great relief of both our husbands.

11:40am:  At the Mega Marshall’s across the street.  Will probably not leave emptyhanded here.

12:15pm:  Sure enough!  I score two shirts; mother scores a purse.

12:20pm:  Is it time for lunch?  No, we just ate…

12:25pm:  But we could have bubble tea!

12:45pm:  Drinking an icy watermelon slurpee (mother) and a red bean cream tea with tapioca (me) at the Teahouse on Westheimer, while checking out categories for latest Houston Press “Best of Houston” nominations.

1:15pm:  Okay…how about lunch now?  We are such piglets.

2:00pm:  Eating a late lunch at Tacos del Julio on Long Point.  Charro beans are velvety and decadent as always, while the enchiladas de pollo aren’t as good as the plain enchiladas de queso.  I fill up very quickly (big surprise!) and take the rest home to Richard.

3:00pm:  At home, chilling on the sofa (once again) while Richard plays his new Championship Manager game and munches on enchiladas.

5:30pm:  Wake up, with a pile of dogs on top of me.  Realize I fell asleep while watching “How Do I Look?” and Daisy and Lucy decided that it would be a good idea to just throw themselves into the mix, too.

6:00pm:  Head out to Walmart to rent a DVD.

7:00pm:  End up back home with dog food, cat food, box of kettle corn, cheap lipstick, bobby pins, grilled chicken wrap from Sonic for Richard, vanilla coke for me, and the rented DVD.

8:00pm:  Happily munching kettle corn while watching 27 Dresses.  Richard is bashing his head against the wall as plot hole after plot hole after cliche after cliche parade across the screen.


7:00am:  Taking DVD back to Walmart.

7:45am:  End up back home with lightbulbs, pint of milk and breakfast burritos.  Leaving the house is a dangerous activity for my wallet, it seems.

8:00am:  Make tea for Richard and prepare to take him breakfast in bed.

8:05am:  Except that he’s already lumbering down the stairs, sleepily mewling “Tea?  Tea?  Tea?”  Do I think ahead, or what?

8:30am:  After breakfast, Richard tunes the TV to Fox Soccer Channel for a day of footie.  I leave to take pictures for upcoming Houstonist article.

9:00am:  On Washington Avenue, stopping every 10 feet to snap pictures.  Glad there are no cars here on Sunday mornings.

10:00am:  Finished with Washington Ave, head downtown.

10:10am:  Father calls to tell me he bought me a dumpling press last weekend.  Score!  You all know where the next dumpling and/or pierogi crawl will be now…

10:30am:  Snapping along Buffalo Bayou.  Fat man in a kayak in water.  Looks like Jabba the Hutt balancing precariously on a toothpick.  Trying to be discreet about photos.

11:00am:  Man fishing in Buffalo Bayou.  Has a bucket of fish already.  I wouldn’t eat fish out of that water even if I was guaranteed a free stomach pump and round of amoxicillin afterwards.

11:30am:  Heading home, when parents call.  Want to go to lunch at Tacos del Julio again.

12:00pm:  Still full from breakfast, just having some flan.  It is SO good.

1:00pm:  Head home and pick up Richard.

1:30pm:  At Starbucks, enjoying a quick spot of tea.

2:00pm:  Hitting up Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn and Home Depot, pricing fixtures and tile for long-delayed bathroom remodel.

4:00pm:  Drop Richard off at home, pick mother up to go makeup shopping.

5:00pm:  Too much money later, mother has entirely new stock of makeup from Sephora.  Sadly and bitterly poke through my own supply of Rimmel and L’Oreal knockoffs.

6:00pm:  Back home again, eating another bowl of kettle corn for dinner.  Watching Four Weddings and a Funeral.  Have to turn it off at the funeral bit; too sad.

8:00pm:  Shower, facial, pedicure.

9:30pm:  Fall asleep waiting for toenail polish to dry.  An exciting end to the weekend.

7 thoughts on “The Weekend in Food”

  1. K — I can’t believe I didn’t see you two at the Marshall’s on W. Gray on Sat — I was there at almost the same time. I was on my way home from the Farmer’s Market on Richmond (WAY better than the one at Onion Creek btw). Did you make it to Canino’s on Airline? That market is a fabulous photo opp … the fruits and veggies are gorgeous.

    And re: FourWeddings – I fastforward through that part too. Re: Clean House — Niecy always make me feel better about my “collection” too. I keep telling Mark if he doesnt clear up the clutter in the utility room, I will bring in Niecy to do it for him. He calls her “scary”.

  2. Thanks for the England pics. We have been many times, but not for two years because of the miserable exchange rate. Miss it! Haven’t seen the Chester Cathedral in person before. Magnificent pics of that.

  3. I love How Do I Look! And What Not to Wear. Oh, how I miss TLC and Style Network. There’s a Fashion channel here in France, but it’s mostly just runway shows set to techno music. Not nearly as trashy or fun.

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