Tuesday Trivia

UPDATE:  By popular demand, we’re going to switch this around each week.  One week, open-ended trivia questions; the next week, Annie-get-your-Google trivia questions.  Enjoy!


Have to keep this one short, folks.  I’m in an all-day meeting regarding medical plan contracts (THE FUN! I CAN BARELY STAND IT!) and writing this during a quick break.  Have fun!

  1. Which would you prefer?  A pleasant and sturdy, if unimpressive, meal at a decidedly boring and low-brow restaurant or a meal at a cutting-edge restaurant (in terms of food, decor, clientele, etc.) where you knew that you were guaranteed to have a fairly disgusting meal?
  2. Which is your favorite in the beloved pantheon of “hot cereals?”  Cream of Wheat, Malt-O-Meal, grits or oatmeal?
  3. Which of the dishes in the famous Temple of Doom dining table scene would you choose to eat?  One and one only!
  4. What is your favorite grocery shopping destination?  Don’t say Trader Joes if you don’t want to incur the wrath of Houstonians who don’t have the privilege of having Trader Joes in their fair city…
  5. Have you ever ingested an inedible item by mistake?  Please share your story of wax fruit (or other inedible item) woe.


Let Them Eat Sushi

My mother and I have often discussed, with stupid girly enthusiasm, how we’d like to do my wedding all over again.  Not because the original wedding was bad, mind you.  Quite the opposite.  We had such a good time (and I think everyone at the wedding did, too) that we want to make it, like, a yearly “thing.”  What hasn’t yet been decided is whether I keep remarrying Richard year after year, or if I just collect a little harem of husbands.

Either way, I think this wedding cake might push us over the edge:

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