Let Them Eat Sushi

My mother and I have often discussed, with stupid girly enthusiasm, how we’d like to do my wedding all over again.  Not because the original wedding was bad, mind you.  Quite the opposite.  We had such a good time (and I think everyone at the wedding did, too) that we want to make it, like, a yearly “thing.”  What hasn’t yet been decided is whether I keep remarrying Richard year after year, or if I just collect a little harem of husbands.

Either way, I think this wedding cake might push us over the edge:


I know, right?  A SUSHI CAKE.  With salmon and tuna and avocado and edamame and wasabi and roe and…OH MY GOD.

Tell me that you’re not seriously rethinking your own choice of wedding cake right about now.

8 thoughts on “Let Them Eat Sushi”

  1. No, I’m not rethinking my cake decision…but then we didn’t have a cake. We had individual fruit tarts, and Mr. Twistie’s Japanese mother brought homemade sushi.

    Best of both worlds.

    Still, I do love the concept of this cake and the rubber duckies on top are – if you’ll pardon the pun – the icing on top.


    Can I have “a little harem of husbands”, too??

    Anyway, yes, that cake looks amazing. I don’t see any unagi, so that would have to be corrected in order to be perfect. But what a cool idea!!!

  3. @ imelda: I wish! Nope. 🙂 I just found this cake on Twistie’s site at Manolo for the Brides. I got addicted to her website while planning my wedding and still read it on a regular basis. 😛

    @ Twistie: Oh! Little fruit tarts AND fresh sushi??? You’re killing me here!

    @ Jo: You might want to check with Ralph first. 😉

    @ Debra: Don’t worry; Richard almost threw up in his mouth when I showed him that picture. He hates sushi, too. 😀

  4. K, while I would love and adore to be able to take credit for the post where you found the cake, it was actually my esteemed colleague and partner-in-crime Never teh Bride who found this particular piece of awesome.

    And yes, homemade fruit tarts AND homemade sushi. There’s a reason people still talk about that wedding.

    Now I want to have a reception again. Perhaps with a little harem of my own. Mr. Twistie would never agree to this cake, so I’d have to do the harem thing, clearly.

  5. I’m a little late to the party — I would have gladly had a sushi cake back before The Beard and I went vegetarian. Yum! I would have had a traditional cake on the side, though. Maybe a few chocolates? Cookies? I love dessert…

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