Tuesday Trivia

UPDATE:  By popular demand, we’re going to switch this around each week.  One week, open-ended trivia questions; the next week, Annie-get-your-Google trivia questions.  Enjoy!


Have to keep this one short, folks.  I’m in an all-day meeting regarding medical plan contracts (THE FUN! I CAN BARELY STAND IT!) and writing this during a quick break.  Have fun!

  1. Which would you prefer?  A pleasant and sturdy, if unimpressive, meal at a decidedly boring and low-brow restaurant or a meal at a cutting-edge restaurant (in terms of food, decor, clientele, etc.) where you knew that you were guaranteed to have a fairly disgusting meal?
  2. Which is your favorite in the beloved pantheon of “hot cereals?”  Cream of Wheat, Malt-O-Meal, grits or oatmeal?
  3. Which of the dishes in the famous Temple of Doom dining table scene would you choose to eat?  One and one only!
  4. What is your favorite grocery shopping destination?  Don’t say Trader Joes if you don’t want to incur the wrath of Houstonians who don’t have the privilege of having Trader Joes in their fair city…
  5. Have you ever ingested an inedible item by mistake?  Please share your story of wax fruit (or other inedible item) woe.


13 thoughts on “Tuesday Trivia”

  1. Hi all! 🙂

    1. I would have to go for the low-brow and boring option. As a Chef, I would rather have a mediocre meal cooked well than some trumped up slop surrounded by wanna-be actors, actresses, musicians and jumped up ‘.com’ millionaires. If you’re ever in London, visit Tratorria da Aldo on Greek Street and forget L’Escargot a few doors down and you’ll see what I mean.

    2. Would have to be oatmeal. Although Porridge would be more preferable, due to half my roots being in the fair city of Glasgow 🙂

    3. Monkey Brains. Every time!

    4. Marks and Spencers. A touch of class in a sea of Supermarkets.

    5. Although quite boring, I once ate a whole Lychee when I was a young Commis. The older Chefs’ could be so cruel! 😦

    Laters to all. 🙂

  2. 1. As The Grumpy Chef said, I too would rather have mediocre and well-prepared than have to endure even three minutes with tarted up nincompoops at Tony’s.
    2. Oh, my lovely creamy buttery grits….slow-cooked to perfection. All I would need is a bit of bacon and I’m good.
    3. I may have to pass on the monkey brains, but I’ll get back to you on that.
    4. Toss up between Hong Kong Market on Bellaire and Phoenicia.
    5. There’s that piece of metal gum wrapper that got stuck on my amalgam-filled molar once that I can’t quite forget. Does that count?

  3. 1. Not even close. I’d ALWAYS go for the good food.

    2. I never really liked hot cereal, but I do like grits.

    3. Mmmm…monkey brains.

    4. I love the deli at Specs.

    5. I’ve downed a few bugs by accident in my day, but nothing more awful than that.

  4. 1. Just give me the good food in the average joints. Never was one for the snooty people.

    2. Ewwwww, cant even stand the look of hot cereals.

    3. Sorry, never saw it.

    4. Well, shoot me but we do WalMart weekly. But I definitely enjoy going to Market Street and grabbing something to take home. I also enjoy to just go strolling and looking at the massive choices at a Whole Foods.

    5. I know this sounds silly but ever since I had gastric bypass (4 yrs now) I haven’t touched a carbonated beverage since the night before surgery. Now if I accidentally pick up someone else’s glass the minute it hits my tongue I just spit it right out. Can’t stand the taste.

  5. 1. Hmmm, pleasant and unimpressive vs. disgusting: I’ll take the unimpressive if I can’t just throw some lamb chops on the backyard grill and cook em rare.

    2. Oatmeal with a sprinkle of brown sugar and a circle of milk around the bowl sums up my childhood.

    3. Dates! Sans poison!

    4. Took a field trip to Central Market, and bought nothing, but noticed many seriously interesting, mostly frozen, exotics. I stroll Phoenicia also, with few purchases. The smell alone….

    5. Once ate a Milky Way bar, and at the bottom of the lovely brown sleeve, found many crawy creatures ingesting the remnants of my snack. I assume I ate some of their cousins.

    On the subject of the olympic gymnastic team (now on), anyone else notice they look like Coke cans? Go USA!

  6. 1. Definitely pleasant over disgusting. I don’t really care about the see and be seen part, one bit. All about the food.

    2. Grits, grits grits…..

    3. I would sample the chilled monkey brains.

    4. Central Market, the Indian supermarkets on Hillcroft are fun, as is the Droubi’s on Hillcroft. I am a boring HEB Pantry girl who avoids Randall’s like the plague.

    5. At the ripe old age of two, what my Mom called a “smart pill”, a single sheep poop, altho, being a fan of hot dogs….I’m sure there’ve been things I just don’t know about.

  7. 1. For eating, the former. But I’d love to read the scathing review of the latter.

    2. Probably oatmeal, though I have a big soft spot for Cream of Wheat (especially with lumps in it).

    3. I haven’t seen it either. Is there a choice besides monkey brains?

    4. Paris’ open-air markets, of course!

    5. Not that I can think of at the moment…

  8. 1. good food. can’t stand the snooties!

    2. malt-o-meal with butter and brown sugar. mmm…malt-o-meal….

    3. the big black beatles. their insides look like peanut butter. i like peanut butter.

    4. sahara grocery in san antonio for the sights and smells alone. and they don’t overcharge for hard-to-find coffee or spices like whole foods does. grr.

    5. i’m not proud to say it, but i’ve ingested more then a few insects while running.

    thanks this was fun!

  9. 1. I’d go for the terrible meal, then I’d whine like a banshee until they comped it, gave me a free meal and then would write about it viciously in my blog. I can do bland and boring at home.

    2. Grits. That is all.

    3. Kate Capshaw. Oh…wait.

    4. In Houston: Either Bayou City Farmer’s market or the edible undies section at Dare Ware.

    5. Speaking of edible undies….they were red, how was I supposed to know they were pleather? (Which is not too far removed from fruit leather if you think about it)

  10. @Debra-Fellow gastric bypass foodie gal here! Five years and counting!
    1.) Low brow done wells works out fine, thank you. Snooty people would probably frown upon my kinda redneck, definitely country husband.
    2.) Cream of Wheat (or cornmeal mush would be great, too, just not on the list).
    3.)Don’t know that one. Sorry.
    4.) The local farmer’s market is about as exotic as it comes here in Hicksville.
    5.) I have accidentally eaten several of those stupid PLU stickers that now irritatingly come on everything in the produce section. Like most, I have accidentally swallowed insects while my mouth was open and a good target. Ish!

  11. 1) If the place is clean and the food is good, I’m a happy camper. There are few greater pleasures in life than a really well made butternut squash soup, so far as I’m concerned, and even a BLT can be pure poetry done well. No amount of glitz and glamour, though, will make up for a really bad meal.

    2) You’re making me choose??? Probably grits, then, though I had a fabulous, creamy polenta for breakfast yesterday that’s still making my tongue sing.

    3) I have worked hard for more than twenty years to forget I ever saw that film, so my reply is to stick my fingers in my ears, squeeze my eyes shut, and sing ‘lalalalalalallaaa’ until the question goes away.

    4) (gloats) I have a Trader Joe in town! But my real fave is the local farmer’s market. Oh, and the awesome butcher across town where I scored some wild boar bacon recently. Delish.

    6) Frozen fish sticks and Spaghetti-o’s count, right?

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