Waiting to Welcome You to a Boat

I only have a few minutes this morning… Not long enough to finish off my *17 review, I’m afraid.  But I’ll have that posted later this afternoon.  In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this week’s food poem.

This is yet another modern poem by a modern poet, Bernadette Mayer.  A New Yorker by birth, Bernadette Mayer is a Renaissance woman (poet, author, editor, dancer) who penned one of my favorite quotes about writing:

Writing is the most ridiculous thing to do. Now you do it out of desire, now not. Who knows what it felt like in other times. To write and write, someone says write a sensible thing, some other a commercial. One is dead like the dead. We write and write thinking it’s better than watching t.v. to attack the typewriter with love and anger faster to say all of memory and being, maybe it doesn’t exist.

Enjoy this morning’s poem, and I’ll be back this afternoon with more…

We Eat Out Together

My heart is a fancy place
Where giant reddish-purple cauliflowers
& white ones in French & English are outside
Waiting to welcome you to a boat
Over the low black river for a big dinner
There’s alot of choice among the foods
Even a tortured lamb served in pieces
En croute on a plate so hot as a rack
Of clouds blown over the cold filthy river
We are entitled to see anytime while we
Use the tablecovers to love each other
Publicly dishing out imitative luxuries
To show off poetry’s extreme generosity
Then home in the heart of a big limousine

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