The Modern B&B

Are you busy next Tuesday?  No?  Good!  Because Randy is serving up a menu in honor of “The Modern B&B,” which is sure to knock your little socks off.

As with past tenacity supper club dinners, this multi-course tasting menu features fresh, local, seasonal ingredients, including a divine-sounding selection of Houston Dairymaid cheeses.  What else is up for grabs?  Glad you asked…

  • Yellowmouth scamp cured in cucumber “hooch”,  persimmon vinegar and nasturtium (I’m assuming this is either Yellowmouth grouper or scamp; they’re very similar to each other — or perhaps Randy is conducting some illegal fish-breeding experiments at home…)
  • Barely-cooked Gulf shrimp, red cabbage gazpacho, crunchy savory meringues and golden raisins
  • Terrine of game birds, caramelized miso, crispy skin(s) and tiny blue basil
  • Warm abalone, soft egg, bacon crumble and flowering herbs
  • Garden squash and onions, fresh thyme, shaved tongue and rye gnocchi
  • Composition of cheese via Houston Dairymaids
  • Sesame financier, roasted banana puree and yuzu curd

This may be the best-sounding menu that Randy has compiled to date.  Personally, the terrine of game birds made my heart skip a beat, while the garden squash and onions with shaved tongue are utterly intriguing.  I haven’t been able to make it out to a tenacity dinner in a while, but you can bet I won’t be missing this one.

As always, reservations can be made by emailing Randy at rrucker79 at hotmail dot com.  The dinner itself will be hosted at — appropriately enough — The Modern B&B, which is exactly what it sounds like: a modern bed and breakfast located in the Museum District, which just happens to serve tasty, organic breakfasts for their guests.

Hope to see your smiling faces there!

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