Raia’s Italian Market

John has a new review up in his “section” today of Raia’s Italian Market, which I reviewed for Houstonist when it first opened. If he keeps sending me new reviews every day, I swear I’m just going to build him his own blog.

Go check it out: XYZ.

Working in the Coal Mine, Going on Down, Down

I still love The Judds.  Sue me.

Because I don’t think, sometimes, that anyone believes I have an actual job, I’m presenting photographic evidence of it today.  This evidence also saves me trying to explain in words how freaking busy I am at work.  A picture is worth a thousand of those little things, right?

Desk 1
This is my desk. It is full of papers and a dead lamp.

Desk 2
This is more of my desk. You can see the remnants of my chicharrones tacos that I had for breakfast, the only high point of my day.

Desk 3
My incredibly messy bulletin board.

Hating Work
Looking at desk with exasperation and annoyance.

Suffice it to say, I’m not gonna have time to put up a full VOICE review today. It’s just as well, really. I’m still waiting on some photos from the lovely Joanne, who graciously agreed to let me use the photos she took that night, as my camera died just as we were seated.

However, if you’d like to see the photos I took before that happened, feel free to check them out on Flickr in this cool slideshow. Have a wonderful Friday!