Le Mistral

Jenny (I’m Never Full), Fulmer, my mother and I went to Le Mistral on Sunday evening, hoping to round off HRW at our favorite French restaurant.  Apparently, that wasn’t in the cards, since they’d already run out of the one menu item that we all came to try: the double pork chop with apricot chutney.  Le sigh.  The replacement menu item was the terrifically boring chicken.  Le double sigh.

We all decided just to make a meal of it and forget about HRW (sorry, End Hunger Network…).  I’m glad that we did, because the food we ended up ordering off the regular menu was wonderful.  The service (as Fulmer and Jenny have already pointed out) was severely lacking that night, but the food more than compensated for our appallingly clueless waiter.

In lieu of a full review here on she eats., I’ve posted the review and photos on Houstonist.  I figured that since it wasn’t a HRW dinner after all, I was free to review it on its own merits, which I did:

Houstonist Bites: Le Mistral

Towards the middle of our dinner, Cleverley Stone (Ms. HRW herself) came and joined us at our table.  She’d been there with another party earlier that evening, but I’m glad she chose to round out her evening with us.  Aside from being an all-around fun dinner guest, we gleaned all kinds of juicy restaurant news tidbits that we aren’t yet allowed to share.  But rest assured that as soon as Cleverley makes them officially public, I’ll let you know!

Go check out the review at Houstonist and I’ll see y’all back here tomorrow…

3 thoughts on “Le Mistral”

  1. To ease your conscience, you could always just send End Hunger Network a $5 check!

    Still can’t blame you for passing on the HRW meal as chicken is a poor substitute for their savory pork chops!

  2. Le Mistral hasn’t been the same since they moved next door to the new location. The ambiance has been destroyed by the acoustics of the new ever-so-cool-but-you-can’t-hear-a-thing layout, and the turn over in wait staff has significantly reduced the level of service.

    While the food quality remains strong, the experience has been reduced from the “special occasion” restaurant to the “maybe for a date night if we don’t have a big conversation” category. Hopefully they will pull it back together.

  3. @ Ed……I agree, with great sadness. My husband and I went to Le Mistral many, many times over the years and I have been there twice now at the new location. It’s become impersonal, loud and just like any other expensive restaurant in Houston now. They could have expanded seating but kept the ambience. I wish they had. I miss the old waiters – they all knew us. I always felt as though I had stepped into a small Provencal cafe when we went there.

    Also I think I noticed the portion sizes a bit smaller, too.

    All in all, I miss Le Mistral and don’t really know who this stranger is that took its place.

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