Tuesday Trivia: Back to Black

We’re back to the basics, folks! Motown Philly back again, and all that jazz.

Still remember the rules? Below are five trivia questions and one bonus question. Feel free to Google (a.k.a. “cheat”), but I’ve attempted to make them as Google-and-Wikipedia-proof as possible. The winner gets a big shoutout on Thursday, when the answers are revealed. Has anyone thought of a better prize yet? If so, let me know…

Tuesday Trivia Questions:

  1. Chocolate was originally known only as a beverage.  What development led to the possibility and — later — immense popularity of chocolate candy in the 18th century?
  2. True or false?  Researchers at Johns Hopkins University accidentally created artificial sweeteners in the 19th century.
  3. “Samp” and “hominy” are two alternate words for what Southern delicacy?
  4. There is a dark side to whole-grain bread!  During World War II, the city of Dublin could eat only whole-grain breads due to restricted access to refined flour, resulting in a city-wide epidemic of what disabling disease?
  5. Which two cereal grains were the first to be cultivated and domesticated?
  6. BONUS:  Around what date were these grains first domesticated?

Good luck, campers!

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Trivia: Back to Black”

  1. Hi K. 🙂

    1. I believe it was its wide spread use in numerous medications. Bentecoe, Brilliat-Savarin, Lemery and many others believed in its properties for healing. This eventually led to Coenraad Van Houten, a Dutchman, inventing the first cocoa pres and the process of ‘Dutching’. Which, in turn, led to the Fry family opening the first Chocolate factory in Bristol and producing the first ever solid, sweet bar of Chocolate. Plus it tastes damn good!

    2. True

    3. Not being from the South (the far North and too the right……in a completely different country) I would have to say Grits.

    4. Diabetes Mellitus

    5. Emmer and Einkorn

    Bonus. Emmer has been radiocarbon dated as far back as 17000BC but the domestic variety goes back to 11,500BC. Einkorn was around approximately 9000BC.

    Fantastic trivia questions this week K. Absolutely fantastic :).

  2. 1. The Industrial Revolution – thus, mass production and a more affordable solid candy.

    2. True.

    3. My most adored grit, of course!

    4. Rickets

    5. Manioc & Wheat

    Bonus: em, er……a whole lot b.c. (stupid work beckons).

  3. 1. using machinery to mill the cacoa beans.

    2. true

    3. I believe you’re looking for grits, but grits, hominy and samp are all different things.

    4. rickets.

    5. wheat and figs

    6. 9000 BC or so.

  4. 1) Mass production/Mechanization – cocoa press /Stream Engines
    2) True Saccharin, discovered in 1879 by Constantine Fahlberg, a chemistry research assistant at Johns Hopkins University
    3) dried maize, broken down Grits
    4) Rickets
    5) Barley n wheat n millets
    6) 7000 BC

    Thanks for the trivia! I have so much fun with these!

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