Free Wi-Fi in Downtown Houston

At last!

While this has nothing at all to do with food, I was very excited to hear that we finally have a rudimentary network of free wireless locations throughout downtown.  Sure, I don’t live downtown.  And I don’t work there or even get out there very often, but it’s a start, dammit!

Hopefully, we can soon join the ranks of other cities around the world with free (or “limited to two hours a day” free, which is still good) access in most parts of the city.  Until then, check out where you can surf for free downtown:

Wi-Fi Is Go!  Sort Of…

And if you happen to be downtown on Thursdays, don’t forget to check out the Green Market Farmer’s Market that runs from 4:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. every Thursday at Discovery Green.  You can get some fresh, organic produce while checking your Gmail.  Everyone wins!

Go Go Taro

I think my boss could see that I was in a state this morning, miserably sipping a Cappucino Delight-flavored SlimFast (which neither tastes like cappucino nor could ever be called “delightful”) as I rolled into the office.  She took pity on me and insisted that I take her taro bun for breakfast instead.

Let me tell you, people.  There’s nothing better in the world after choking down a hateful, metallic-tasting concoction of skim milk, canola oil, gum arabic and God only knows what else than being able to bite into a sweet, chewy, fragrant taro bun:

Taro Bun

The taro bun is heaven and all is right with the world.