Go Go Taro

I think my boss could see that I was in a state this morning, miserably sipping a Cappucino Delight-flavored SlimFast (which neither tastes like cappucino nor could ever be called “delightful”) as I rolled into the office.  She took pity on me and insisted that I take her taro bun for breakfast instead.

Let me tell you, people.  There’s nothing better in the world after choking down a hateful, metallic-tasting concoction of skim milk, canola oil, gum arabic and God only knows what else than being able to bite into a sweet, chewy, fragrant taro bun:

Taro Bun

The taro bun is heaven and all is right with the world.

5 thoughts on “Go Go Taro”

  1. Heh. Memorial City Mall isn’t much better, to be honest. Your choices over here are Olive Garden or one of the many, many taco stands north of I-10. I’m just glad I can hop on the Beltway and get over to Chinatown pretty quickly. 🙂 And I’m lucky to have a bad-ass Vietnamese boss. 😀

  2. park shops…..we have some decent options, but, i’m doing the “from my kitchen” route (well, unless i get dumpling-distracted, i cannot resist the lure of the dumpling). my badass coworker buys the chicken biscuits from chicfila…i love him, but, he is making me fat. okay, okay, i can’t resist the lure of most any edible item…..

  3. Slim Fast Secret:
    If you get SF really cold, it tastes infinitely better. Just don’t let it freeze in the can, or you’re out of luck. I put the milk-chocolate (artificially flavored) SF into my icecream maker. It’s not exactly icecream, but it’s way better than straight from the can. Plus, eating it with a spoon slows you down so that it feels more filling.

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