Sushi: Not For You

You’ll notice that I’ve removed the Houstonist link below to the “almost all-night sushi” place.  I’ve also removed mention of its name.  If you go to Houstonist, the article is still there because I will not (and also cannot) take it down.  But, seriously, don’t even bother reading it.

And that’s pretty much all I have to say about this.


4 responses to “Sushi: Not For You

  1. Heh….either someone at Houstonist is a Vegan and got offended or someone from the restaurant didn’t like the post.

    Ah the food world we live in.

  2. healthyhoustonfoodie

    No all-night sushi? Awwww!!!! So sad. 😦

  3. @ Cory: It’s not a Houstonist issue. I loves me my Houstonist peeps.

    @ healthyhoustonfoodie: There will still be all-night sushi; don’t be sad. I’m just not writing about it.

  4. looks like some new business owners need a lesson in PUBLICITY. 🙂

    as they say down under, KSG, good ‘on ya!

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