Washington Avenue: A Long Day’s Journey Into Tacos

AIEEEEE!  It’s finally posted!  Go to Houstonist and check out my latest Urbanist article (with lots of photos), which took far too long to write than it should have.  Topics covered include:

  • the new Benjy’s (not to replace or be confused with the old Benjy’s)
  • El Rey Taqueria
  • The Daily Grind
  • Max’s Wine Dive
  • Pearl Bar
  • Guadalajara Bakery
  • …and more

And here’s a link for your browsing pleasure:  Urbanist: Washington Avenue.

/self-promoting off


4 responses to “Washington Avenue: A Long Day’s Journey Into Tacos

  1. Love this article. Love. Can’t wait to see you on Sunday for n-n-n-noodles!

  2. healthyhoustonfoodie

    I rode past all these places today on my 25-mile ride. I squealed when I passed by Wabash Feed, and Guadalajara was hopping. I didn’t notice Max’s at all. Excellent job!

  3. Great article. Other than Patrenella’s and Star Pizza, Washington Ave is a foreign land to me, a suburbanite. I did used to go to that club over there in the 1980’s, when you would often smell the wild wood weed in the air…Must try Max’s sometime. The downtown work crowd would love to eat there at lunch, if they were open. What’s that about? Anyway, love your writing. You are quite the engaging writer. You should ditch your bean counting and write a book. Just a suggestion.

  4. PS, is it true that the Heights is a “dry” area of Houston?

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