English Food

…is damn fine stuff, people.  I’m especially fond of the butchers and cheese shops on every corner, the freshly-baked bread and sweet cream butter in Cheshire, the unabashedly hearty portions and the way that tucking into a steak and mushroom pie feels like pulling on a warm, comfortable sweater.

With this inescapably hot weather, I find myself turning every day to sanguine thoughts of cold, rainy England, trekking through the quiet, early morning streets for a cup of strong coffee and the Manchester Evening News or venturing out at night for a pint of bitter and a pasty in front of a roaring fire.

I can’t wait for autumn to come.

1. Barm Cakes, 2. Coffee and Tea, 3. Meat!, 4. Lunch!, 5. Fruit Stand, 6. Chips at the De Trafford, 7. Lambing Season, 8. Mmm…English butter, 9. Albion

Click on the links above for larger versions of each photo.

3 thoughts on “English Food”

  1. You too? Last week when we were having that run of cloudy, rainy days, I was wishing it was cooler so I could make stews and braises. I swear there’s a two-week limit on them here.

  2. I’m with you! I go to the M.E.N. website daily to “escape” and just looking at their weather forecasts puts me in the mood for the autumn we rarely actually have in Houston. Oh well, I still love fall comfort foods even in August!

  3. I love English food! A few months ago, some friends gifted me with a couple kidneys they didn’t want (they’d bought a whole pig, but didn’t want a few of the organs and such) and I made my first ever steak and kidney pie. It was amazing! Side of mash, side of carrots, and an outfit sans tight waistline…brill.

    I’m kind of hoping they buy another pig (or cow or lamb) and again let me have some of the bits they aren’t too wild about. Then I can experiment some more with fine, English cuisine.

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