Fung’s Kitchen

As promised, a (kinda-sorta) review of our dim sum brunch at Fung’s Kitchen last Sunday:

Houstonist Bites: Fung’s Kitchen

Pictures abound, thanks to Olivia, one of the newest Chowhound recruits.

I’m telling you, if you haven’t joined Houston Chowhounds (and you live in Houston…), you really should check it out.  We have all kinds of fun, random adventures and we make excellent dining companions.  It’s particularly good if you’re a food person and your friends and/or significant other aren’t.  There’s always at least one or two Chowhounds who are up for brunch, lunch, dinner, a crosstown trip to a taqueria or an afternoon picking out fish in Kemah.

Meanwhile, Jenny at I’m Never Full posted a great photo essay of our brunch, complete with the correct Cantonese names for the dishes (I’m so hopelessly white sometimes…).  Go check it out!

Thursday Answers

Watch out for The Grumpy Chef, y’all!  He got every single answer right this week, for an impressive score of 100%.  He is, indeed, one of our master trivia players ’round these parts.  Go show the curmudgeonly chef some love over at his site, Who Dares Cook, where you’ll gain all kinds of interesting insight into the inner-workings of an English restaurant.

Ready for the answers?  At your service…

  1. Basil, incredibly.  And this bizarre thought persisted until the 18th century!
  2. Mulberries, according to the sad story of Pyramus and Thisbe.
  3. Garlic, which couldn’t possibly be of the devil!  It’s just too wonderful!  Or could it?
  4. Apples, which were also considered to be the food of the gods.
  5. The swastika, long an Eastern symbol of good luck before being misappropriated by some German idiots in the 20th century.
  6. Cocoa, leading us back to last week’s mild obsession with chocolate.

Congrats to all who played — including the first player, Chris, who got all but one answer correct, and healthyhoustonfoodie and Pooh!, who also got 100% of the answers correct but were beaten to the punch by The Grumpy Chef.

I’ll see y’all back here next week for a slightly different Tuesday Trivia…  🙂

Lady Who Lunches

Doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, does it?  Oh, well.

My husband and I didn’t carpool into work today, since he has a happy hour to attend afterwards, so today was one of the rare days that I had my car at work.  I ventured out into the sunshine at lunch to get a tuna sandwich from A Moveable Feast and do a little snooping.

A Moveable Feast is such a trip of a store, I just love going there.  It’s an oasis of healthy, crunchy, granola, hippie-dom in the uptight, snotty Memorial Villages.  The store itself is partially obscured by the riotously colorful jardin sauvage out front, attracting dragonflies and bees by the hundreds. Inside is a bounty of natural products, vitamins, foods, hair and skin care products and attached to the store is a cute little cafe, which features one of my all-time favorite signs next to the register:


Right on.  The semi-bitchy girl who always runs the register has no problem enforcing it, either.  The equally bitchy Memorial Village housewives who trek in here on a regular basis — attempting to look young and trendy and “caring” by purchasing natural deodorant or meatless chili — aren’t fans of the edict, as you might imagine.  It makes for some memorable scenes, which are in and of themselves worth the price of a tuna sandwich.

Exiting past the masseuse who always looks like an older, stoned Jason Bateman, my sandwich and I took a short drive around the Villages.  Kobe Japanese Restaurant has already moved from its old location off Bunker Hill and into the spot formerly occupied by Blockbuster (sharing space with an On The Border, which is inexplicably always busy despite having terrible food) off Echo Lane.

The old Kobe sits abandoned, waiting for the inevitable wrecking ball to hit.  Strangely, La Fiesta is still open, directly next door.  They were getting a fresh shipment from Avocado King as I passed today.  The rest of the center has been utterly destroyed, save for a few ragged stumps jutting off from La Fiesta.  I wonder when they’ll finally give up the ghost…or be forced to.

Ciro’s was still intact, as I imagined it would be, although I’m still fascinated by the mix-up on both the sewer disconnect permit and the demolition permit.  Thinking that perhaps Charlie’s Hamburgers or the ticky-tacky Darque Tan was demolished instead, I drove past.  Both are still in business, Charlie’s with a line of cars out front as usual.  Rumors indicate that Charlie’s will be closed soon, too, but I have yet to see anything concrete on that.

Back in the office now, obviously, and it’s time to finally eat my sandwich.  Answers to Tuesday Trivia coming soon…