Fung’s Kitchen

As promised, a (kinda-sorta) review of our dim sum brunch at Fung’s Kitchen last Sunday:

Houstonist Bites: Fung’s Kitchen

Pictures abound, thanks to Olivia, one of the newest Chowhound recruits.

I’m telling you, if you haven’t joined Houston Chowhounds (and you live in Houston…), you really should check it out.  We have all kinds of fun, random adventures and we make excellent dining companions.  It’s particularly good if you’re a food person and your friends and/or significant other aren’t.  There’s always at least one or two Chowhounds who are up for brunch, lunch, dinner, a crosstown trip to a taqueria or an afternoon picking out fish in Kemah.

Meanwhile, Jenny at I’m Never Full posted a great photo essay of our brunch, complete with the correct Cantonese names for the dishes (I’m so hopelessly white sometimes…).  Go check it out!

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