Tuesday Trivia: Part 33 1/3

Wow.  So…it’s Tuesday.  Already.  …yeah.

Did this weekend pass too quickly for everyone else, or just me?  I don’t even have a Weekend in Food to share with you guys; that’s how exciting and eventful my weekend was.  Most of the three-day Labor Day extravaganza was spent (a) at the city dump on Windfern, (b) installing toilets and tile, (c) maniacally operating the world’s loudest tile saw, (d) breaking my toe, and (e) toiling amidst the bugs and humidity in the backyard.

I didn’t put any effort whatsoever towards food (or writing) this weekend, the end result being that I don’t feel like I even ate anything.  Which I clearly did, because…waistband on pants is hatefully snug today.  Ugh.  And that’s after having a dry baked potato with a dollop of salsa for dinner!  Whatever.

High point of the weekend?  Watching The Darjeeling Limited last night.  Please allow me to highly recommend this if you’re a fan of Wes Anderson‘s work (excluding The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, obviously) or Adrien Brody‘s work.  I realize these might be two distinct categories of people, but this was a serious return to form for Anderson and a brilliantly understated performance by Brody, so both parties should be happy.  Oh, yes, and Owen Wilson and Jason Schwartzman and Anjelica Huston and Bill Murray, blah blah Rushmore-and-Tenenbaums-cakes.  It was all great.  Loved it.  Especially the luggage.

Which leads us into today’s Tuesday Trivia which, once again, has a theme.  But unlike last week’s themed trivia, this one is open-ended.  Hope you enjoy!

  1. What is your favorite English-language movie about food?  Suggestions include Big Night, Chocolat, Ratatouille, The Cook The Thief His Wife & Her Lover, et al.
  2. What is your favorite foreign-language movie about food?  Suggestions include Babette’s Feast, Like Water For Chocolate, La Grande Bouffe, Eat Drink Man Woman, et al.
  3. If you could have the cast of a movie over for dinner, living or dead, which cast would you invite?
  4. If you could have the kitchen from any movie in your own home, which kitchen would you choose?
  5. Switching gears for a second (but still staying in the food & media genre), what is your favorite cooking show currently on television?
  6. BONUS:  What is your favorite no-longer-televised cooking show from days past?

See you all tomorrow for a little nugget of food poetry.  It’s been too long!

8 thoughts on “Tuesday Trivia: Part 33 1/3”

  1. 1. Tortilla Soup – hands down. It’s a remake of eat drink man woman, with a south of the border flair. Own the sound track.

    2. I just don’t watch enough foreign language films.

    3. Nacho Libre. Jack Black is priceless. The cast is sooo funny. And bonus, Jack’s character is a cook.

    4. I like the big country kitchen in The Big Chill and the home kitchen in Tortilla Soup.

    5. Anthony Bordain’s “No Reservations,” and it’s back on with new episodes!

    6. I really did like the Frugal Gourmet until he got arrested.

  2. 1. Chocolat (altho, 9 1/2 wks for the blindfold/fridgie scene is a contendah)

    2.Like Water for Chocolate

    3. Quest for the Holy Grail (not food related, unless catapulting farm animals counts)

    4. This requires a ton of thought (in part because i don’t watch many movies) – the french country kitchen in the bourne identity (i think? it’s the one w/ the girl in the mini with bright hair).

    No Reservations, or Barefoot Contessa

    BONUS: Julia Child or Justin Wilson.

  3. 1. Rising Sun. What? you say its not a “food” movie? You obviously don’t remember the “sushi” scene. (sorry K’s Grandma….)

    2. Hard Boiled.

    3. The cast from Ocean’s 11. I mean the original Ocean’s 11. The Rat-Pack, then me Frank,Dean,Sammy and the boys would go on a two-week babes and booze bender in Vegas. (Sorry K’s Grandma…)

    4. The Kitchen in Disney’s Beauty & teh Beast – where shit comes alive and does everything for me, including cleaning. (although having the candelabra singing me to sleep would seriously freak the shit out of me) (sorry K’s Grandma…for the language)

    5. Good Eats. – Yes, its corny and yes, Alton Brown goes over the top, but to date that’s the only show that has me belly laughing from time to time. Entertainment – who knew? If you mean straight cooking shows? Molto Mario, partially because I like Italian.

    Bonus: Ham on the Street with George Durand, or whatever his name is. Again, entertainment, who knew? Again, straight cooking shows? Anything involving Julia Child.

    Oh, and I don’t like Jamie Oliver, but that’s just because my wife thinks he’s the bees knees and I’ve got this ugly American jealousy, I’ll kick the shit out of the little jackabout if he comes near her thing going on right now. (Sorry K’s Grandma…)

  4. Hi all.

    1. Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971)

    2. God of Cookery. A film of jealousy, bravado and above all, massive Chef egos!

    3. I suppose it would have to be the Cast from Still Crazy, a British comedy starring the likes of Billy Connelly, Bill Nighy and Timothy Spall.

    4. Bruce Willis’s apartment Kitchen from The Fifth Element or the Inventing Room from Willie Wonka.

    5. I have to admit that I’m not a big fan of cookery programmes for many reasons, but If I had to go with anyone it would be The F Word with Gordon Ramsay. Only because Marco hasn’t done his own programme yet.

    6. Around the World with Keith Floyd. I know its old and getting repeated often but he is fantastic to watch.

    And, just as a side note……Cory, It is so nice to find someone that doesn’t like Jamie Oliver as I cannot stand the jumped up little Dwarf either.

    Have a good week everyone. 🙂

  5. 1. Ratatouille. I could watch that movie once a week and never get bored of it. (I have a small crush on Patton Oswalt, who voiced Remy.) And Thomas Keller was a consultant! I also liked Waitress, which came out last year.
    2. Amelie: The creme brulee scene at the beginning did it for me. Plus, she’s a waitress.
    3. Monty Python. Probably the only other group of people, besides my in-laws, that could make me laugh while drinking, and yes, have the liquid come out my nose.
    4. Any kitchen besides mine? Oh, you want one movie? Again, Ratatouille. I want a La Cornue oven. And gleaming copper pots that I don’t have to clean.
    5. Food Detectives. Ted Allen grates on my nerves sometimes with his over-the-top acting, but I like the amalgamation of Good Eats, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and the blatant rip-off from the MythBusters (five-second rule, anyone?). That said, I like anything with Alton Brown in it, as well.
    Bonus: Am I the only one who remembers watching The Frugal Gourmet with Jeff Smith on PBS? My dad and I used to watch it on Chicago’s PBS station when I was a kid. Then he was accused of sexual harassment by male assistants and it went off the air.

  6. Cory and Grumpy Chef: I’ve tried to like Jamie Oliver. Really, I have. I mean, I’m a woman, I should be fawning over him. Frankly, I was glad when Mario Batali kicked his ass on Iron Chef America, and I think he’s a sanctimonious twit.

  7. 1. Definitely The Big Night….have watched it over and over and have found the Timpani recipe to make for a group of friends (FUN !!)
    2. I love Babette’s Feast!
    3. The random weirdos in The Big Night would be awesome. But it would be a hoot to have the cast of Seinfeld (no, it’s not a movie, but get over it).
    4. Michael Chiarello’s kitchen on his show Easy Entertaining…one of the only shows I still like on TFN. That kitchen is perfect, except I would replace the Viking with a Wolfe and throw in a La Cornue for good measure.
    5. I love all the shows on PBS on Saturday mornings….don’t watch them often enough, but they are all far more informative and inspiring than anything on TFN.
    Bonus: I always loved watching Julia Child when I was a kid. Her voice was frightening but her cooking inspired me even as a 10-year-old. She always seemed to be having such a great time!! The Galloping Gourmet seemed drunk even before I knew what “drunk” was LOL!

  8. 1. I’m going to have to agree with Grumpy Chef. The original Willy Wonka never fails to make me hungry.

    2. Delicatessen – like Amélie, but with cannibals! (Seriously, if you haven’t seen it, run out and rent it RIGHT NOW.)

    3. Coffee and Cigarettes – Bill Murray, Roberto Begnini, Tom Waits and Iggy Pop, the White Stripes… MAybe this isn’t such a good idea. How about I Heart Huckabees? That sounds better.

    4. The one in Kenneth Branagh’s Much Ado About Nothing – well, really, I just want the entire Italian villa.

    5. Cooking show… anything that doesn’t involve nobodies trying to win restaurants, total hacks with book/tv deals, or competitive eating. (Anybody know of anything like that?)

    Bonus – Great Chefs, the original Japanese Iron Chef, and I always had a soft spot for Graham Kerr’s Galloping Gourmet, even though I’m pretty sure if I watched it now it would give me hives.

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