Olivia: Wherein I Try To Mask My Massive Disappointment and Jealousy

Dining scene abuzz with new Olivia restaurant

This was the restaurant that Richard and I were supposed to enjoy during our visit to Austin this past weekend.  Sadly, grownup life interferred and I was chained to Houston (and a long-postponed bathroom remodel) instead.  Noelle and Cory — with whom we were supposed to dine that night — blogged about their trip to Olivia, which should make me happy that at least some friends were able to enjoy a fantastic time.  I, however, remain totally wrapped in childish resentment and hatred for them and their fancy dinner.

Okay, so I’m not that terrible…  But take a look at Noelle’s post on Olivia (and the pictures!!!) and tell me you’re not just an eensy bit jealous yourselves:


I would have stabbed each and every one of you to get at those lamb tongues.  Also, are the drawings the most fabulous thing ever?  Or what?  And I love the “Age: 33” and “Age: 35” on both.  Nice touches, guys.  🙂

And as if you needed one more reason to be jealous of them?  They were on Trading Spaces a couple of years back and apparently got a pretty bad-ass couch out of the deal.  Damn you, Noelle and Cory!

6 thoughts on “Olivia: Wherein I Try To Mask My Massive Disappointment and Jealousy”

  1. Aw shucks… I’m feeling very honored to be featured in your blog! We’ll get you some of those lamb tongues next time you’re here… promise! And yes, we were on Trading Spaces… and it ruled… 🙂

  2. I’ll take your damning…as soon as I can get the sweet sweet taste of lamb tounge out of my mouth. 😉

    Oh, our buddies got the couch…Noelle just got to work on it singlehandedly for almost 24 hours straight! We got a super rad bedroom…and got to meet Carter (who really IS just a pretty face, but don’t tell him I said that).

    We’ll get you those tounges sooner than later!

  3. Cory…we’ve got to talk about this name thing. For a brief second I thought I was being chastised for somthing profanity based again.

    From now on you shall be known as “Todd” in the Houston Blogosphere…….

    unless you’re older than I, then I’ll have to change my handle but I’m betting the former.


    Blogger law and all.

  4. @ Amazon: We need to do this the next time we go to Chinatown. I can only imagine the terrible drawings we’d come up with.

    @ Noelle: I love featuring Lucky Kitty on here, if only for the plethora of adorable felt owls. 🙂 And how could you neglect to mention that you met the beautimous Carter Oosterhouse ??? Guh. Drool. Don’t care if he’s a total airhead. DROOL.

    @ Cory #1 a.k.a. “Todd” a.k.a. mrcanacorn: That’s okay; I’ll console myself with sweet sweet duck tongues this weekend at Sichuan Kitchen. Hmph.

    @ Cory #2: You know, there is one other Cory lurking out there, too. And she’s female. But I wouldn’t advise picking a fight with her; she’s Alaskan.

    Oh, and my grandma appreciated your apologies the other day. 😀

  5. Hey all, Todd here,

    I didn’t want to embarrass K, but my name is actually spelled with an “e”…but no worries, I’m down with being called Todd (in Houston).

    K, that was the first time I’ve ever eaten tongue…and now I know it won’t be the last!

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