It’s been a busy week, folks.  And not just for me:

Restaurant News Recap

I may or may not try to make this a semi-regular feature on Houstonist.  The pro is that I think it’s nice to have all the news aggregated in one area, so that you don’t have to skip around to a bunch of different news articles and food blogs to catch up on all the news that’s flying around.  Plus, I really enjoy linking people to food blogs that deserve attention and could possibly gain new readers as a result.

The con is that I really don’t enjoy regurgitating someone else’s news.  That’s why I tried to keep each item short and sweet and just link back to the original article.

Y’all tell me what you think.  Should I try to make this a regular feature for Houstonist?  Or just let the news filter out into the world in its natural progression?

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