Link Sandwich

Two links for you this afternoon, with a little bit of blathering in between, for a delicious link sandwich…

Top Nine Underrated Sandwiches

Let me tell you how glad I am that (a) banh mi is on that list and (b) the heinous monstrosity of a “sandwich,” the Monte Cristo, is not.

And for the other slice of bread, news about the new Montrose Farmer’s Market that’s having its grand opening this Saturday at La Strada:

Montrose Farmer’s Market: It Begins


Women, Know Your Limits!

Busy day at work means slow day around these parts.  To pass the time, why don’t you view this informative film from Mr. Cholmondley-Warner on how to behave at dinner parties?

More informative films from Harry Enfield and chums can be found after the jump.  Happy Thursday!

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