Link Sandwich

Two links for you this afternoon, with a little bit of blathering in between, for a delicious link sandwich…

Top Nine Underrated Sandwiches

Let me tell you how glad I am that (a) banh mi is on that list and (b) the heinous monstrosity of a “sandwich,” the Monte Cristo, is not.

And for the other slice of bread, news about the new Montrose Farmer’s Market that’s having its grand opening this Saturday at La Strada:

Montrose Farmer’s Market: It Begins



8 responses to “Link Sandwich

  1. There’s a special place in my heart for the Monte Cristo… it will be missed in the Canacorn household…

  2. Love the monte cristo, that’s like saying that chicken fried steak isn’t a steak. It is, it’s just different.

  3. No! Nyet! Nein! Non! Monte Cristos will never find a place in my heart! Evil, battered concoctions with jelly…heresy!

  4. Monte Cristos were a thang I craved when pregnant….couldn’t get enough!! Dang! That’s why I gained 45 pounds…ya think??!!! Ham, cheese, jelly, fried, powdered. What’s not to like??!

  5. i ordered a monte cristo and bennigans once and the waiter faked a heart attack and tried to talk me out of it. hmpf. chump.

  6. I like every sandwich on that list…especially poboys, tortas, and gyros. I had a couple Cubano sandwiches in Puerto Rico this past weekend…delicious!

  7. Mmmm… Tortas. I used to eat one at least once a week when I lived in Dallas. Just up the street from me in Paris is a place called “Saigon Sandwich.” I can’t wait to try it! And by the way, Monte Cristos rule. But where’s the Philly Cheesesteak?

  8. I’m with Chris on the Cubanos. (Which I just happen to be making tonight.) Especially when they’re made a la Alton Brown with big, foil wrapped 500 degree bricks!

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