Red Alert!

Me, this afternoon:

Okay, conference call is finally over.  Checking Hotmail…  Hmm.  That’s an awful lot of pingbacks in one day…  I should check my WordPress dashboard and see what’s going on.  HOLY FREAKING MOTHER OF GOD.

So, yeah.  Thanks for the link, Consumerist.  My poor little sitemeter will probably never recover, but you should’ve seen my face when I saw today’s stats.  😀

ETA:  Reading the comments on Consumerist is pure hilarity.  For example, someone thinks I’m a “controlling dogmatist” with “moral extremes”:

People who eat healthy take it to such moral extremes nowadays. Criticizing this machine and its food is no less asinine than the Victorians criticizing exposed table legs back in the 1800s. Times change, but there will always be controlling dogmatists inflicting their narrow view of what’s right and wrong on the rest of the world.

Hee!  Yeah.  My idea of “healthy” is eating a donut with fruit filling instead of chocolate.  Next…

I love how there’s no mention where the pic was taken. Shoddy posting, geez.

Oy.  That’s cause I didn’t take it!  Everyone’s a critic…  😉

4 thoughts on “Red Alert!”

  1. Oy vey! Taking healthy eating to moral extremes? That’s like arguing that my dinner last night was healthy because it had eggs in it! (I had an omelet with cheddar and Parmesan. No veggies, because my mushrooms were slimy and disgusting.) Methinks the people at Consumerist take themselves too seriously. We love you, anyway!

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