Jake’s Philly Steaks

And one more review to round out John’s contribution for the week: Jake’s Philly Steaks.

I recommend not reading this review if you match any of the following descriptions:

  1. My mother
  2. My grandmother
  3. Any member of my family, for that matter
  4. Just ate breakfast
  5. About to eat breakfast
  6. Just ate lunch
  7. About to eat lunch
  8. Young and impressionable
  9. Easily offended
  10. Baptist

You’ve been warned.

12 thoughts on “Jake’s Philly Steaks”

  1. “I’m not the one with crazy ideas about Philly cheesesteaks! Talk to John!”

    Hey, the food Gods are dodgy characters. Don’t blame me if your next 20 glasses of wine are 3/4 pours from the bottom of the bottle.

  2. Well I tend to review and eat food from local places. Philly is a tad out of my way, but at Jake’s they get their sub rolls from Philly, they use Cheez Whiz, etc. So if you like a Philly Cheese Steak try it.

  3. And I hope my wine is from the bottom of the bottle. That means my wife is getting the good stuff and I have a better chance later in bed.

  4. @ Jo: I SPECIFICALLY warned you. You, personally, were on that list. You just don’t listen at all, do you? You’ve only got yourself to blame. 😛

  5. @John….thank you so much! (I think). I did try to get past the first paragraph and soldier on but, well….anyway. Maybe I can read the next one, eh?

  6. @Jo: Thats right, there’s always more…. I think. Katherine could always cancel me like that show you used to watch and really like but you soon noticed you were the only one of your friends who watched or liked the show. Then next time you go to tune in its reruns of old American Idol.

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