Take a Hike, Ike!

Sorry the blog’s been kinda quiet the past few days.  It’s our busiest time of year at work, which just so happens to coincide with this ridiculous storm.  In between working and meetings and conference calls, we’ve been trying to get everything secure and orderly around the house.  Le sigh.

I’m obviously staying here in Houston, not evacuating.  There’s no point to us evacuating as we’re so far inland, but I fear greatly for the 40% of Galveston residents who have decided to “ride out” the storm.  I’m afraid there will be no riding out this one, y’all.  😦

Around these parts (west Houston), things are pretty quiet.  No stores open except for Spec’s Liquor and the McDonald’s/Exxon up the street.  A few people have boarded up their houses, but most are plywood-free.  I-10 West is gridlocked, however, with people (costal and East End residents, I’m assuming) leaving for San Antonio and Austin.

We’ve brought all of our houseplants and lawn furniture inside, have a metric ton of water, wine and beer, plenty of non-perishable food, batteries, candles, flashlights and even a nifty hand-cranked radio, courtesy of my mom.  So…yeah.  We’re pretty set.

The eye of the hurricane should pass over around 5am to 7am tomorrow morning as only a Category 1 and it’s moving pretty quickly, so I’m fairly positive we won’t actually need any of the items I’ve just listed above.  I’m also hopeful that power won’t be affected for long, perhaps a day or two at most.

Those of you closer to the coast than we are: stay safe.  Those of you in other areas: pray for those in Galveston and other coastal areas that they may receive safe passage through the night.

See y’all on the other side!

10 thoughts on “Take a Hike, Ike!”

  1. It cracked me up seeing the Spec open. I bet a lot of hurricane parties, and soon after baby making will happen tonight. Enjoy the A/C and internet while you have it!

  2. Yeah, what are we gonna do without our internet???!!! Yikes! Poor guys in Galveston – I love that place and hope they don’t have too much damage.

  3. I’m here in Houston also in the north part and we still have electricity at 11:20 p.m. Just wind so far, no rain. I thought it so strange that you would say East End was on the highway going to San Antonio and Austin. That’s such a small part of Houston. Why would only East End be on 10?

  4. Here is west Houston still have power at 3:30 a.m. but wind is scary. Husband is sleeping, I’m hiding in closet 😦 Silly but I feel better in here. Dogs are oblivious and just happy they were allowed on the bed tonight.

  5. I can’t believe the video I’m seeing of downtown. I heard the eye wall went right through the city. How did this thing stay a Category 2 so long?

    I hope you’re all OK. Things are looking bad for Galveston.

  6. Just spoke with Jo on the phone…so glad you all are okay. I’m in College Station with Lauren, but will be returning to Spring ASAP. Take Care!

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