You, Too, Can Have Hot Food!

No, I don’t have power.  Or water.  But I am back at work today, as expected.  Also as expected, everyone here is wearing a suit and tie, acting as if nothing at all happened over the weekend.  I rebelled at this lack of concern for employees by wearing jeans, flip flops and a peasant shirt I got at a thrift store.  Take that, corporate America.  A-holes.

Anyway.  More about the weekend soon enough, but for now here is a list — courtesy of the Chronicle — of restaurants that are open today if you want a hot meal:


P.S.  Let us not talk about Brennan’s yet.  It is too sad.  😦

6 thoughts on “You, Too, Can Have Hot Food!”

  1. The Wife and I thought about you guys all weekend…we barely got a drop of rain in Austin.

    It would have been a great time to come to for that dinner!

    Happy to hear you’re hanging in there…and you know those TPS reports wait for no storms!

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