You, Too, Can Have Hot Food!

No, I don’t have power.  Or water.  But I am back at work today, as expected.  Also as expected, everyone here is wearing a suit and tie, acting as if nothing at all happened over the weekend.  I rebelled at this lack of concern for employees by wearing jeans, flip flops and a peasant shirt I got at a thrift store.  Take that, corporate America.  A-holes.

Anyway.  More about the weekend soon enough, but for now here is a list — courtesy of the Chronicle — of restaurants that are open today if you want a hot meal:


P.S.  Let us not talk about Brennan’s yet.  It is too sad.  😦


6 responses to “You, Too, Can Have Hot Food!

  1. No time for common human decency, there’s profit to be made!

    Glad you and yours are OK. ( If somewhat stinky without water.)

  2. The Wife and I thought about you guys all weekend…we barely got a drop of rain in Austin.

    It would have been a great time to come to for that dinner!

    Happy to hear you’re hanging in there…and you know those TPS reports wait for no storms!

  3. Good to see youre still kicking.

  4. Glad to hear you are doing ok. Your dad kept us up on your reporting in. Love you!! Deb

  5. I am still off, at least until Thursday. Good for you wearing comfy clothes. Hope all is well with you!

  6. Hey, all! Thanks for the kind thoughts and well wishes. Glad to be doing okay, too. Now if we could only get power back… 🙂

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