My Flag Boy Said to Your Flag Boy, I’m Gonna Set Your Flag on Fire

…talk about hey now — HEY NOW — hey now — HEY NOW — Ike-o, Ike-o, i-nay.

Busy day around the office, trying to catch up.  But in the meantime, here are a few (non-food-related) links for you:

Tribute to the Long House at Singing Sands West: a very moving firsthand account of just what it means to lose a house you’ve worked for your entire life.

Memorial Cleans Up After Ike: my own brief account and photos, posted at Houstonist.

An-Ike-Dotes: a few post-Ike stories from friends of mine.

Power to the People: news about the power outages in Houston.

Hope to be back later with the Part II of The Weekend In Food.  🙂