Catalina Responds

Aaaaaaand…that’s all folks!  🙂

We provided free wi-fi and electricty for anyone and everyone (after making the decision to cap the plugs, we set up charging stations in front of the cafe where the wi-fi signal is still strong, oh and by the way, some jerk stole one of our power strips).

For anyone that did not have money, we gave them coffee any way.

Our bakery has not been able to resume operations, so we have no pastries. I provided anyone that was desperately hungry with granola bars and water (for free)

I worked as hard as I could to take care of peoples needs, and quite honestly my feet are a bit numb from standing for so many hours. Those of you who know me, know that I work as hard, if not harder than any one of my employees. I guess it is easy to over look all the good that people do and definitely more entertaining to criticize them. You can have what ever opinion you want of me, but I have one question for everyone. What did you do to help your community?

The way people are acting, you would think we got hit by a hurricane or something.

We still have free wi-fi and electricity for anyone who wants it. If you have an extra power strip we are short one.

You can read the rest of the comment here.

7 thoughts on “Catalina Responds”

  1. Max has a point here – the restaurant business has really suffered as a result of the storm. I was happy to see he was even open, despite the hardships of running a coffee bar right after the hurricane. I would venture to surmise that Max and his employees had their own domestic issues to deal with as well. I say let’s give him the benefit of the doubt, in fact I plan to support Catalina by visiting there soon. Any business that opened and operated in the aftermath of the Ike deserves my loyalty.

  2. I noticed that on Friday, the day before this coffee shop confrontation occurred, my neighborhood listserv exploded with ill will and recriminations. I remember thinking at the time, “Nobody is really angry about what they think they’re angry about.” I’m betting this applies here, too.

  3. K – I see you commented on that stupid article in the Chron about how the hoi polloi “survived” Ike. What a waste of ink.

  4. It’s funny how Catalina is so much a nicer place to enjoy coffee now that the twitterheads have left.

    I thought Max was crazy, but it turned out to be a bold and good move.

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