Thoughts for the Week

It’s been a mighty busy week, folks.  Sorry for the dearth of postings.  Post-hurricane dealings combined with the busiest time of year at “real” work do not a happy blogger make.  I’m afraid I don’t have enough coherent thoughts to form an entire post, so here’s a collection of things I’ve been thinking about this week:

I really like the song “The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades Is Out to Get Us” by Sufjan Stevens.

I also really like the song “Handlebars” by Flobots.  I especially love the video.

In fact, I really like this entire playlist that I’ve been listening to at work this week: Yeah, This One.

I was eating a lot due to hurricane-related stress, something which I was wondering to myself…could this be a primitive survival mechanism?  Eating as much food as possible in the face of a natural disaster, to thereby ensure that I will have enough layers of fat for my body to feed on if food were to somehow vanish like overhunted herds of mammoth?

Of course, now that all the hurricane-related stresses have moved on, I have all new stressors with which to contend.  And, for some reason, these stress points make me not want to eat.  I haven’t had dinner at all this week, breakfast has been black coffee every morning and lunch — if I’m lucky — a tuna packet or some Ramen.  I just can’t work up an appetite for anything at all.

Looking back on the week immediately after Ike, I am amused at how our concepts of hospitality changed when we had guests over without power.  “Would you like a lukewarm Tecate?  We have some granola bars and beef jerky — please, help yourself!  Here, I’ll point the tiny, black and white, battery-operated TV your way — I know it’s been a while since you saw the news.”

But bringing neighbors together truly was the best part of Ike — if a hurricane can have “best” parts.  One night when I went to visit her, my mother had cooked dinner for all the neighbors on her cul-de-sac and washed their clothes (hers was one of the only houses with power).  We all sat outside on the driveway, even though there was A/C in the house, and enjoyed the food outdoors.  We had become accustomed to sitting outside in the evenings without the mindless roar of the TV, the endless distractions of power.  It was singularly pleasant.

Life has somewhat returned to normal with power, but I miss sleeping with the windows open at night.  I miss not having cable TV.  I miss not having a phone.  I miss candlelight.  Strange, right?

At a family dinner last weekend, I was forcibly reminded of the time I spent in jail at the HPD’s Mykawa Substation.  My mother said that I should write a “review” of the jail food.  While I would love to, I sadly declined the offer of oxtails (I love oxtails normally, but I’m not so sure I’d like “jail” oxtails) and bologna sandwiches that day.  Next time I’m thrown in jail, I promise that I will eat the food and report back.

This is the coolest new website I’ve discovered in a long time: Food Timeline.

Did you know that I had over 15,000 hits the week before last from that lousy pizza vending machine article alone?  Who would’ve thought a pizza vending machine would prove so popular?

I didn’t do a lot of eating out post-Ike, but rather hoovered up all the food I could at home.  The few times I made it out that week, the restaurants were full of vacant-eyed people looking like they’d just escaped Sarajevo.  It was creepy.

Last Tuesday at lunch, I ended up sharing a table at Panera Bread with a UH grad student who was completing a paper for a sociology course.  She only had a cup of water — wasn’t actually eating anything at the restaurant, just plugging in her laptop — and said that she was simply frantic to the get the paper done on time.  Her professor hadn’t given the class any kind of extension for the paper, despite the fact that none of them had power.  Made me feel a little bit better about work that week…

My boss is still without power.  Yeah, the awesome one who brings me taro buns.

So are a lot of people here at work.  Has our company even acknowledged that we had a hurricane?  Nope.

Several more of my friends are also power-less.  How is it taking CenterPoint this long to get everything back on line?  MJ, I’m thinking about you, prezactly.  🙂

I haven’t been able to write a single Houstonist article this week and I’m feeling pretty miserable about that.  Could you write one for me?

I promise to be back next week with actual food-related postings and articles.  No, really.  In the meantime, visit one of the lovely bloggers listed on the right-hand of the page side there.  They aren’t schlubs like me and are actually posting on a regular basis.  Go be friends with them.  They rock.

You all rock.

See you next week.