El lunes de las hamburguesas!

I’m still here, chicharrones!  It’s just been a busy day ’round la oficina.

There isn’t much of a Weekend In Food to report, unfortunately, because most of the weekend was spent with a mitre saw and a blasted tape measure.  However, I did manage to find time to go and try out The Lake House at Disco Green and I LOVED IT.  LOVED.  IT.  In fact, I did a whole Houstonist* write-up (along with slideshow) on it here:

Houstonist Bites: The Lake House

In fact, in fact, it appears to be Hamburger Monday over at Houstonist.  Witness:

Little Big Changes at Ming’s

…in which I discuss in my typical ridiculous, over-the-top style how a late-night slider joint (Bryan Caswell’s Little Big’s) will be taking over the old Ming’s restaurant in Montrose.

And then there’s Groove’s awesome photo of the day, which is a retro-ed up shot of the classic Lucky Burger on Richmond:

Lucky Burger

There are worse ways to start your week than with burgers, people!

See you all back here tomorrow for a long overdue round of Tuesday Trivia…

*P.S.  Did you see?  Houstonist won the 2008 Houston Press Reader’s Choice award for Best Local Blog!  Shibby!!!