Tuesday Trivia: Part Holy Crap It’s Back!

Wow.  I know, right?  So, anyway…

Last night was spent at Del Frisco’s with the lovely Jenny of I’m Never Full (and now Citysearch!), attending the check presentation party to wrap up Houston Restaurant Week, which you can read all about here:  Y’all Raised $78,877!  Needless to say, that was pretty awesome.

Also awesome was the lovely cabernet that was flowing freely, courtesy of Messina Hof.  And that brings us to today’s trivia theme: beverages.  You know how I love a good theme…

  1. Which of the following beverages was not available to American pioneers during the 19th century?  Carbonated water, iced tea, vodka, or beer?
  2. Chicory is well-known as a coffee substitute.  What common nut was also used throughout American history to make coffee when no coffee beans were available?
  3. Although we may view it as an all-American beverage, lemonade has actually been a popular drink since medieval times.  Where was it first served and enjoyed?
  4. Diet sodas were introduced in the 1950s as a way of marketing artificial sweeteners to the general public.  What company patented the first diet soda?
  5. Most species of domesticated livestock have been milked — and the milk enjoyed by humans — at some point or another in history.  But which of these animals has not been used as a source of milk?  Yaks, donkeys, horses or pigs?
  6. BONUS:  In Western culture, the milk of what animal was favored over the cow until the 16th century?

Drink it up, folks!  See you all back here on Thursday for the answers…

8 thoughts on “Tuesday Trivia: Part Holy Crap It’s Back!”

  1. 1. Iced tea

    2. The under-rated acorn

    3. Egypt

    4. Royal Crown

    5. Pigs

    BONUS: In Western culture, the milk of what animal was favored over the cow until the 16th century? Sheep.

  2. 1. Iced tea
    2. Almonds or acorns
    3. Egypt
    4. 1952 “No-Cal Beverage” gingerale – Kirsch Company (surprisingly, not Coca-Cola!)
    5. Pigs (pig milk? disgusting!)
    Bonus: Sheep

  3. 1. Vodka- aka white whiskey
    2. Almonds
    3. Tricky answer- The Indus Valley (Pakistan area) first utilized lemons and Madagascar was a stop off point for ships to get lemons (scurvy prevention), but the Egyptians first used honey (ok, now I’m stalling)…..So, I’ll go with the land of the pharohs- Egypt
    4. I know it was called NO Cal, but no idea who made it, so I’ll go with Coca Cola.

    6.Goats (aarrr you my Daddddy?)

  4. Hooray! I second that, Pooh!

    1. Vodka
    2. Peanuts
    3. Greece
    4. Tab?
    5. Pigs
    Bonus: Sheep

    (I’m trying to picture that animal milk composition chart in On Food and Cooking… fascinating stuff. Either pigs or horses had milk closest to humans, but I can’t remember which!)

  5. Me drinks bo dem driks. bu fo dey smells lipe duck budder in me munderwares. Peenut tafe lipe rok salt an dem nails. greese hab weels fo dey spin in de mode. Pig make fooball.

    Free gurple fum de cellar make mee fee de wurd ub spamcans.

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