Chili Cookoff: T Minus One Week

And where will you be a week from today at 2:00 pm?  Let me tell you…

You’ll be at the Second Annual No Holds Barred Chili Cookoff at Shady Tavern in the Heights, that’s where!  A $5.00 wristband gets you all-you-can-eat chili and a vote for the People’s Champ.  Winners in the other four categories — Best In Show, Most Original, Spiciest and Most Traditional — will be decided by the judges, one of which is yours truly.  The other three judges are the competition’s two founders, Dock and Brandon, and my fellow foodie Jenny of I’m Never Full.

Since this is Shady Tavern we’re talking about here, there will — of course — be plenty of live music and ice cold beer on hand.  And since there are nearly 20 competitors this year, there will be plenty of different chili styles to sample and peruse. Want to read more about the event?  Check out yesterday’s article in Houstonist:

Chili Cookoff: You Cumin?

Remember: October 11th at 2:00 p.m. … the competition begins.  See y’all there!