My New Obsession

If this drink was a person, I would totally be going all Rear Window or Single White Female on it right now.  I would be spying on its every move from my bedroom (while Grace Kelly swans around the place, giving me style tips, of course).  I would be cutting and styling my hair to look just like its hair, changing my entire wardrobe so that I resembled it in every aspect.  It’s that damn good.

And what is this obsession-worthy drink?  It’s the new signature hot chocolate from Starbucks: the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate.  I know.  You can call me crazy for going all Hitchcock over a cup of hot chocolate from Starbucks, but not before you try it yourself.

The hot chocolate is mixed with thick caramel and topped with artisanal smoked sea salt and Turbinado sugar.  The mixture of the rich chocolate, the buttery caramel and the smoky salt is absolute heaven.  It’s by turns silky, nutty, savory, sweet, smoky and salty: like a parade of every favorite flavor through your mouth at once, all blending perfectly together.

Okay, so it’s got 550 calories per serving.  And it’s got quite a lot of fat in it (more than half of it saturated fat).  But no one ever said that obsessions were supposed to be healthy…

My consolation in these facts, however, is that you’ll all soon be just as obsessed as I am.  I dare you to get a cup of the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate and then not fantasize about it for the rest of the day.  Go on.  I triple dog dare you.

6 thoughts on “My New Obsession”

  1. I’m there with the salty and the caramel. Not so much with the hot chocolate.

    I hets chocolate.

    But damn you sure can paint a pretty picture.

  2. Unfortunately, I think I’m lactose-intolerant. If I had this, I’d be miserable for days. So no salted caramel hot chocolate for me; I’ll have to stick with soy lattes. It sounds divine, though (as does the hazelnut hot chocolate).

  3. @ callie: Maybe you could get them to make you a Salted Caramel Coffee? 😉

    @ healthyhoustonfoodie: Salted Caramel Soy Hot Chocolate? …yeah, I realize I’m stretching it here. 😀

  4. I tried. I asked today. I really wanted one while I was working on my project at work, plus it was all gray and rainy, so perfect hot-chocolate weather (sorta).
    It’s a pre-made mix.
    I may have to bite the bullet and be miserable for salted caramel goodness. :p

  5. OH MY GOSH!!! I hadn’t thought of that!

    K? Are you the little figure on my left shoulder with a pitchfork?

    Just sayin.


  6. It’s funny you mention this… I just saw an episode of Unwrapped all about sweet and salty.

    Your new obsession is one the delectable delights in liquid form.


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