Albert Roux Comes to Town

Last night, I moseyed over to Discovery Green with Jenny to check out Culture Collision.  Which was both an awesome event and an awesome confluence of people that I normally see in very separate settings, all together in one place.  It was a gorgeous evening (Erin was very excited about her ability to wear both boots and a cardigan in the cool-ish weather) and the entertainment on the main stage by the lake was unparalleled: the Houston Grand Opera, several dance companies, some guys with drums.

Jenny and I stopped by the La Torretta Del Lago tent with Fayza, where the soon-to-be-opened resort was passing around bites from their signature restaurant, Chez Roux.  The restaurant will be famed Chef Albert Roux‘s first American establishment, located improbably at a luxury resort on Lake Conroe.  The multi-Michelin-starred chef has hired young chef Wyatt Maguire (and I do mean young) to head up the kitchen, which should be an interesting pairing.

The bites that the La Torretta tent offered last night were irresistable: spicy tuna rolls, edamame soup with yuzu foam and chocolate truffles.  Fayza was not a fan of the edamame soup, but Jenny and I gulped it down with relish.  The earthy, vegetal, slightly salty, pureed edamame was perfectly paired with the fresh, tangy yuzu foam.  The spicy tuna rolls were also executed flawlessly.

If they do this well at mass producing soup and sushi for passing out to hundreds of passers-by at a festival, then I can’t wait to see what Wyatt Maguire does in the kitchen at Chez Roux.  We will definitely be making a pilgrimage out there when it opens in January 2009.

On that note, if you’d like to catch the master himself while he’s in town, you need to RSVP now for the Albert Roux dinner at VOICE.  Held on October 23rd, the dinner will feature a tasting menu of six courses, prepared by Chef Roux and Chef Kramer, along with wine pairings.  Since it’s being held in the fantastic wine vault at VOICE (which means you’ll have a full view of the kitchen!), seating is limited.  Tickets are $150 and can be reserved by calling 832.667.4470.

P.S.  VOICE was recently named as one of Esquire’s best new restaurants of 2008.  Check it out!


21 thoughts on “Albert Roux Comes to Town”

  1. @ tastybits: You know I’d love to go, but I’ve got something else up my sleeve… Details to come. 😉

    @ Fayza: If I could add yuzu foam to every dish, I probably would. 😀

    @ Ruthie: I’m fickle like that. 😀 I missed my strawberry, and it was simply too hard to navigate around the site, especially to previous articles.

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