The Weekend In Food: Part Salmonella

Our regularly-scheduled Weekend in Food format has been temporarily suspended due to illness.  You’ll have to make do with this one.

I have had salmonella poisoning (a.k.a. salmonellosis) all weekend.  I still have it today.  Despite that, here is a list of things I ate this weekend in my single-minded, bull-headed determination to not let some stupid rod-shaped enterobacteria come between ME and FOOD.

  • vegetable crudites
  • Wavy Lays
  • Egg McMuffin and hashbrown
  • venti iced vanilla latte
  • twelve different kinds of chili
  • ginger ale
  • Princessa chocolate bar from Poland
  • spinach salad with beets, squash, mushrooms, onions and French dressing
  • broccoli salad with raisins
  • spicy vegetable soup
  • cornbread
  • macaroni and cheese
  • Sprite
  • brownie with ice cream and chocolate syrup
  • five different kinds of farmhouse cheese
  • egg toast with truffle oil and shaved black truffles
  • pizza with mozzerella and anchovies
  • pizza with leeks and sausage
  • strawberry cupcake
  • red velvet cupcake

Of course, none of these items are still residing anywhere remotely within me.  And I don’t feel what I would even loosely define as “good.”

But TAKE THAT, SALMONELLA.  You can’t keep a good eater down.

2 thoughts on “The Weekend In Food: Part Salmonella”

  1. LOVE this post. too cute K! funny thing is, i could cut and paste this exact posting into my blog and it would be 75% true for me too. good good weekend, although it was a bad bad weekend too.

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