The Ultimate Blog Awards

Alright, food bloggers.  If you think you’re up to snuff (and want to part with $100 of your hard-earned money), you now have the opportunity to nominate yourself for a James Beard Award.

You read correctly.  A James Beard Award.

For the first time ever, the ultra-prestigious James Beard Foundation — which awards yearly prizes in categories like best chef, best restauranteur, best wine service, best cookbook author and best food journalist — will have an award for Best Blog.

No, seriously:

The Journalism Awards program has established a new James Beard Foundation Award for Blogs focusing on Food, Restaurants, Beverage, or Nutrition. Blogs have become an essential part of today’s evolving media landscape. They provide journalists from both traditional and nontraditional backgrounds with an immediate, direct outlet for their work, and open up an unprecedented avenue for vibrant dialogue with readers. With the addition of this vital new category, the James Beard Foundation recognizes the tremendous impact that blogs have had on food journalism, and their importance to the future of the medium.

There is no cash prize that comes along with any of the awards, merely the prestige of having won what’s popularly referred to as the “Oscar of the food world.”

The Best Blog award falls under the journalism category, which means that at least a few people out there in the world recognize blogging as something more than merely a social media tool, but as a legitimate means of conveying news and information.

Then again, the JBF folks could just want another category that will garner them $100 per entry.  Your call…

4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Blog Awards”

  1. So I nominate myself, pay them $100, and then what? How do they narrow it down from the probably thousands of nominations they’re going to get? I suppose I could click on your helpful link…

  2. I’ll take $50 for nominations! I have a friend whose last name is “Beard”….he and I can split the money and he can award a “Beard Award”. You get your Beard award for half price!!! Perhaps not quite as prestigious, but what the hell.

  3. houston has a great name for culinary journalism – i think mr walsh has a few james beard awards himself (believe it or not i dig his style and views – except his basis for his voice review…in case you didn’t know)

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