Tuesday Trivia: Thursday Edition

Your patience with our much-delayed Tuesday Trivia will be rewarded this week with a shiny new prize! What is that prize? Find out after trivia…

  1. Medieval writers and religious figures took a very broad view on gluttony, arguing that the sin encompassed more than simply over-indulgence in food and beverage. Thomas Aquinas went so far as to prepare a list of six additional ways one could commit gluttony while consuming a meal. What were three of these ways?
  2. Gluttony isn’t the only deadly sin that relates to food. Avarice, or greed, is responsible for driving up the cost of food items worldwide as investors and commodities traders profit from the abject poverty and hunger in countries like the Phillipines, Honduras and Bangladesh. Since 2000, the worldwide price of various oils and fats has risen by 300%, the price of milk by over 150%. By how much has the price of grains gone up since 2000?
  3. People have historically used food as one of many displays of wealth and pride, and still do to this day. Caviar is generally accepted as one of the food items most easily associated with a prideful life. What is the highest grade of Russian caviar on the market? Hint: its name is derived from the Russian word for “little salt.”
  4. Throughout history, people have sought aphrodesiacs to increase their own virility or induce lust in the object of their affections. Which of these foods is not traditionally considered an aphrodesiac: balut, arugula, ginseng, kelp or abalone?
  5. People go to war for many things: religion, land, natural resources. Food (and famine) has been one of the main causes of wrath and wars throughout human history. In fact, most anthropologists now believe that the population of what mysterious island was wiped out after a civil war over food (or, rather, a lack thereof)?
  6. BONUS: Sloth has created a nation (and a world) obsessed with fat-and-calorie-laden fast food and pre-packaged meals. What creation has been widely dubbed the “worst fast food burger” in America, nutritionally-speaking?

Now, obviously, the theme this week was…the Seven Deadly Sins. And the reason for that is two-fold. The first reason is that this week’s prize is one of my all-time favorite food anthropology books, In the Devil’s Garden: A Sinful History of Forbidden Food.

Today’s trivia winner will receive a copy of this truly fascinating book, shipped directly to their front door. I promise that none of today’s questions come from the book, either, so you’re guaranteed a fresh, interesting, eye-opening look at food taboos and food history as it relates to the Western concept of the Seven Deadly Sins.

The second reason is that Randy Rucker will be holding his highly-anticipated Seven Deadly Sins dinner this Monday, October 20th, at Culinaire Catering on Milam. The menu for the night includes seven courses, one for each sin. You don’t want to miss this special tenacity dinner. As always, you can email Randy at rrucker79 at hotmail dot com to RSVP for the dinner. Do it soon! Spots are filling up fast for this one.

Answers (and this week’s winner! — I’m very excited about this!!!) will be announced tomorrow afternoon, so hurry up and get those guesses in before anyone else comes in to crib off you! See you all back here on Friday, bluebirds!

7 thoughts on “Tuesday Trivia: Thursday Edition”

  1. 1. Eating Too Soon, Eating Too Much, Eating too Eagerly, Eating too expensively, Eating too daintily, Eating wildly
    2. 225% per WorldBank
    3. malossol
    4. Trick question…they all are…
    5. Easter Island
    6. Carl’s Jr. Double Six Dollar Burger

  2. 1. eating too soon, too much, too eagerly

    2. 40%

    3. beluga

    4. Is this a trick question? They all are?

    5. Easter Island

    Have it your way, have it your way

  3. 1. Deep frying bacon. Fortunately this was proven false at this year’s Texas State Fair.

    2. I know that Beer prices have risen about 40% due to grain and hop shortage, which means that before donning “beer goggles” and dancing the horizontal macarena with someone you better make sure they’re 40% more worth it than the fling you had last time, or the experience will make a 40% better story. One or the other.

    3. Vodka, which, incidentally, is also an acceptable substitute ingredient in almost every Russian based drink. Since it works in drinks, is clear, odorless, tasteless and works 40% better than beer, I substitute that for the correct answer and await my book.

    4. Umm..I don’t know. I don’t use aphrodesiacs. No really. Seriously……*whistles*

    5. The day before Easter Island. Little known fact. The residents of Easter Island all died of cholesterol poisoning and botulism as a result of eating the Easter bunny and all of those %#&$(@! eggs. (ears first you heathens)

    Bonus: I worked at McDonald’s back in the day, and after close we used to have the BEST sauce fights in the world. One day we ran out of Big Mac sauce because of a fight the night before and had to substitute 1000 Island dressing for Big Mac Sauce. We read the ingrendient lists of the two and there was only one ingredient that was different, a thickener. Years later I won’t eat a Big Mac after reading the ingredients on the “special sauce”. Jack N’ the Box was the same way, when the “onion mayo” on Jumbo Jacks closely resembled a pile of splooge.

    Those two might have been ok nutritionally speaking, but they exemplified the rock bottom of the burger maker’s art.

  4. 1) eating too soon, eating too expensively, eating too much, eating too eagerly, eating too daintily, and eating wildly (boringly).
    2) almost 200%
    3) malossol
    5)Easter Island
    6) Carl’s Jr. Double Six Dollar Burger

  5. 1. eating too fast, eating too fervently, eating too soon
    2. 300%
    3. Beluga
    4. Abalone
    5. Easter Island (creepy…)
    6.Double Whopper with cheeeeeeezze please


  6. 1. Eating too quickly, Enjoying it too much, Using too many spices
    2. 250% (based on what I paid for baguettes in 2000 and what I pay now)
    3. Malossol.
    4. Kelp.
    5. Gotta go with Easter Island.
    6. Double Bacon Cheeseburger from Jack in the Box

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