Trivia, Get Yer Trivia!

I know.  Okay?  I KNOW.

Do I have to sing an Andrew Lloyd Webber song to you, or are we all cool?

…good, because I’m a terrible singer.

So, who wants trivia answers?  More importantly, who wants the trivia winner?  Okay, answers first:

  1. The six additional ways to commit gluttony are: Praepropere – eating too soon; Laute – eating too expensively; Nimis – eating too much; Ardenter – eating too eagerly; Studiose – eating too daintily; Forente – eating wildly.  And with that list, Thomas Aquinas managed to condemn basically anyone who’s ever eaten a single bite of food.
  2. The price of grain has risen roughly 250% since 2000.  Good job, commodities traders.  You must sleep so well at night.
  3. The highest grade of Russian caviar is malossol.  It isn’t a distinct variety of caviar (like sevruga or beluga) but simply refers to how much salt has been used during the preservation process.
  4. Abalone is not an aphrodesiac.  It is, however, a highly-valued symbol of wealth and prestige, particularly in China.
  5. Easter Island is believed to have been almost completely depopulated by a civil war resulting from massive food shortages after their natural resources had been depleted through overpopulation.
  6. BONUS:  That honor belongs to Carl Jr’s Double Six Dollar Burger, a monstrosity that clocks in at over 1,500 calories and 111 grams of fat.  No, that’s not a typo.

This week’s winner might surprise you!  I was certainly surprised…  It’s Chris, who got the most correct answers (four of them right on the head, and a damn close answer for #2) straight out of the gate!

Congratulations, Chris!  You’re not only the proud winner of she eats. bragging rights — worth at least $0.15 on the open market — you’ll also be getting a copy of In the Devil’s Garden: A Sinful History of Forbidden Food courtesy of, well, me.

And since I was so late with the answers this time — and since I’ve clearly completely punked out on trivia this week — my self-flagellating penance is that it’s your turn for trivia.  So ask away.  I’ll answer anything you throw out there* to the best of my ability.

…aaaaaand go!

*It’s 42.  Next question, please.

UPDATE:  Chris, email me at sheeats at hotmail dot com to claim yo’ prize.  I tried emailing you, but the email gods are not smiling down upon me today.