November 11th

Even though I received this awesome card from Jim this morning:

I still ❤ this:

Where IS that cake?


20 responses to “November 11th

  1. hilarious! ironically i was bitten and scratched by a schizophrenic stray cat yesterday…she went from “pet me, pet me, i love you” to “i hate you, rrraarrr, i hate you” in two seconds.

  2. While it’s not an actual cake, here’s a recipe for cake in a coffee mug. Something I’d think is acceptable for the office afternoon snack time.

    I saw a recipe for this as well in the archive of Gin Crawford’s column in The Brazosport Facts ( too, but I haven’t tried either one.

  3. happy birthday! ☺

    keep singing! cheers!

  4. Happy Birthday!!!!!!

  5. Shannon- that sounds like MY cat?! lol

  6. Happy Birthday!!

  7. Been enjoying reading your blog over the past few weeks, so happy birthday!

    p.s. The cake is a lie.

  8. Well, Bappy Hirthday to you, Ms. Katherine! May you have many, many more! (Then you’ll be as old as I!)


  9. Happy bday, KSG!! May this year be as filling as the last 🙂

  10. Happy Birthday to you!!

    BTW, cakes are overrated!

  11. Happy Birthday!!!!!

  12. LAP! or LAA..whatever

    Ack! Happy birthday m’lady! You’re what, 23 now? hur hur hur……

  13. happy birthday! i meant to call you all day and now it’s too late.

  14. Happy “belated” birthday!

  15. happy birthday. i’ve got a cake for you

  16. @ shannon: Ay! Get a rabies shot! That happened to me once (okay, twice) and cat bites can get infected really fast. Take care of yourself!

    @ Jeni: I’ll pick a song just for you today. 🙂

    @ Jo: Thanks, Mom! 😀

    @ Foodie Cutie: Thanks, stranger! It’s good to have you back around these parts! 😉

    @ Peggy: Do they make muzzles for cats?

    @ Nikki: Thanks!

    @ AndrewN: Thanks, and thanks for delurking! 😉

    @ Mary: Thanks, Chef! 😀

    @ ruthie: My birthday did not feature pork belly or chicharrones or cupcakes. But it was still good! 🙂

    @ groovehouse: Thanks, Groovy!

    @ Debra: Thanks, auntie!

    @ LAP: OMG, Lee Von Partain!!! And Veronica Von Leeuwenhoek! Reunited at last!

    @ neverfull: Thanks, girly! I know ya busy! 😀

    @ jodycakes: Thanks, newlywed! 🙂

    @ plinio: That sounds terribly dirty, even though I know it isn’t. Hee! 😀 When can I come get mah cake?

  17. Happy birthday a day late! I could bring you a cupcake.

  18. I’m always late to the party! HBD! It’s my younger brother’s birthday as well, so, I’ll remember it from here forward. Remind me, I’ll send you a recipe for meat cake – you ice w/ mashmataters….mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  19. Seriously? I missed your Birthday?

    Damn, I suck!

    Happy (belated) out-of-the-oven day!

    (and my apologies.)

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