A Link a Day…

…keeps the vultures at bay.  What?  It’s practically the same sentiment.

Busy day around the office means a short post for y’all.  But here’s my most recent review on Houstonist of the newly-reopened Nori Sushi Bistro, which I’m…not a fan of.  Yeah.

Houstonist Bites: Nori Sushi Bistro

Oh, well.

In other news, we have few new Houston food bloggers on the scene!  They’re on the blogroll over there to your right of course, but just so’s you’ll know who’s new and who’s decrepit (like me), here’s a few links for you:

Houston Foodie

Shabak’s Kitchen

M’s Culinary Experiments

Go show them some love, y’all.  Peace!

2 thoughts on “A Link a Day…”

  1. Gotta agree. Went to Nori one evening with the family, four of us (all adults, if you can call the other two that yet). Can’t order the $40 share plates, because everyone is particular on their sushi. Bill was over $200 for us, and we weren’t that hungry. Two of us did have some wine by the glass. Being as how it was a Monday night, it was just us and two other tables, so service was good. We’re back to Sushi Jin, where the menu doesn’t change day to night, except for the lunch special. Went there for lunch today and it was packed. Had to wait 30 seconds for a seat. Not so bad. And the sashimi is so sweet.

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