Bread and Tulips

I ostensibly started my diet today, although it may not look like it from the pictures below.


I am not a carbohydrate-phobe, as you can tell. No Dr. Atkins books in my stable. Instead, when I’m on a “diet,” I tend to eat roughly the same things as I always do…but in moderation. Certain things are off the list, of course, since — even in moderation — they are still terrible for you. That means no chicarrones and the like for this little piglet. At least not right now.


Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m going to deprive myself.  Especially not if there’s fresh, homemade pâté (courtesy of my awesome mother) going to waste.  Perhaps this doesn’t count as diet food in other households…  But — again — all things in moderation.

Tonight I had only a few delicate spreads of the creamy pâté, but also enjoyed quite a few cornichons and beets as well.  I know that beets don’t traditionally accompany pâté, but I love them.  Plus, they make for a damn fine dessert when you’re on a “diet.”  So onto the plate they went.

But (wo)man cannot live on bread and pâté alone.


We can, however, live quite nicely on a healthy, low-fat, high-protein white bean and rosemary soup with carrots and chicken.

Not a bad way to start a diet, I’d say.